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What does vb&t Makelaars do for me?

Is the Easie tool of vb&t Makelaars really that transparent?

Which Easie package fits me?

Can I expand my package further?

What happens to the costs when I change my package?

Do I pay start-up costs?

When do I pay the invoices?

In which parts of the Netherlands is vb&t Makelaars active?

Are there any additional charges on top of the Easie package?

What happens if I have ordered an Easie package?

How long is my property for sale via an Easie package?

Do I have to pay brokerage for an Easie package?

Can I see how many times my ad has been viewed on Funda?

Will an NVM estate agent do the home inspection?

On which websites is my property to be seen?

I want to stop the sale of my property, how do I do that?

Is it possible to pay for a package afterwards or in instalments?

How can I contact vb&t Brokers for an Easie package?

Can I always contact vb&t Makelaars?

Is there a possibility of a refund?

Does your fixed rate include VAT?

Can I take photos myself or is it better to outsource?

Why use a sales agent?

What is the list of things?

What is the three-day cooling-off period?

What does the NVM No Risk clause entail?

What are resolutive conditions?

What is the NVM?

What is the WWFT?

Is my data well protected?

What should I do if I have a complaint?

How can I log in to the IDD/My Easie?

What is a valuation?

Will a real estate agent come by for the free appraisal?

Is a 'free valuation' really free?

Do I receive an official, detailed valuation report of the appraisal?

Does the WOZ value influence the assessed value?

What is the difference between an appraisal and a valuation report?

Can I determine the asking price of my house myself?

Can Easie also arrange viewings?

How do I arrange a good viewing?

I am interested in a property on offer at How can I request a viewing?

What is a hidden defect?

What does the "seller's duty of disclosure" mean?

What does the "buyer's obligation to investigate" mean?

What about asbestos?

What about easements?

How does negotiating work and what does vb&t Makelaars do?

Can a seller break off negotiations?

What happens after a negotiation?

Can you negotiate a house with several bidders at the same time?

Is an oral agreement binding?

When am I negotiating?

If I make an offer earlier, can I negotiate first?

Will I become a buyer if I bid the asking price?

Can the asking price be increased during negotiations?

What does sale by tender mean?

Can I decide to sell by tender during the negotiation?

What does an option mean?

When is it a matter of purchase?

What is a 'Groninger-deed'?

Can I inspect the property before the notarial transfer?

Why use a buying agent?

In which parts of the Netherlands are the buying agents of vb&t Makelaars active?

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