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10 tips: Sell your house fast

Do you want to sell your house quickly? Here are 10 tips to help you sell your house quickly.

1. Let a sales agent determine the right asking price

The actual market value of your home and what you would really like to get for it are often not the same. And an amount that is too high might scare off potential buyers. You know that there is still some negotiating to do, but the buyer doesn't know that. It is best to have the asking price determined by an NVM-recognised estate agent, because they are better able to estimate what a realistic asking price is.

2. Clean up your house

Thoroughly tidying up your house is not only useful before you move, but it also helps to present your house better. People often have difficulty looking through their belongings and the buyer usually gets a better impression if the house is fairly empty. Therefore, throw away everything that can be thrown away, store as many personal belongings as possible and clean your house thoroughly.

3. Give the interior a neutral look

The buyer needs neutral furnishings to be able to visualise how he or she would furnish the house. Store everything that is too pronounced somewhere. A few plants are good, but it should not be a jungle. Smell also plays an important role. Make sure your house smells nice and fresh, and the smell of freshly baked bread seems to do well when you want to sell a house.

4. Work off overdue maintenance

People tend to focus on the things that are not in order when viewing a house. Don't give the buyer a reason to fall for this and tackle peeling paintwork, loose roof tiles and leaking taps before you let buyers view your house.

5. Take good photos and videos of your house

If you want to sell your house quickly, professional photos are essential. Invest in professional photos and don't do it yourself. A good photo or video is the calling card for your house and helps future buyers to get over the threshold to view your house.

6. Make sure your house can be found

If buyers don't know that your house is for sale, they won't get the idea to view it. Therefore, make sure that your house can be found on all well-known websites such as Funda, Jaap and Pararius. A sales agent can help you fill in all the fields on these websites correctly, so that your house can be found easily online.

7. Use social media for a wider reach

Many people spend a large amount of their time on social media, so if you want to sell your house fast, you have to make sure that you also use social channels to let people know that your house is for sale. A real estate agent can also place targeted ads for your home on various social media channels to reach the right audience.

8. Leave the viewing to a sales agent

Many potential buyers find it annoying that the owner of the house does the visits. They don't feel free enough to look around and make up their own minds, which can lead to them not choosing your property. It is therefore better to leave the viewings to a sales agent.

9. Leave the negotiating to a sales agent

A house has emotional value for you. It is also difficult to switch off your emotions when you start negotiating and, for example, not become too cautious or too greedy. A sales agent can do the negotiating for you and make sure that you sell your house quickly for a good price.

10. Use a sales agent for legal matters

It is important that the sales contract is drawn up properly and that all sorts of things such as public law restrictions, chain clauses, right of first refusal and resolutive conditions are described correctly. If you use a sales agent, they will draw up the contract and ensure that you are not held liable afterwards by an angry buyer.

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