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4 tips for when you first view a house

After saving so much time and planning ahead, viewing a house is an exciting next step. It is not only a great opportunity to imagine yourself living in a certain property, but it is also a chance to spot potential pitfalls. During such a visit, you should not pay too much attention to the interior, no matter how beautiful those reclining chairs in the living room are. Instead, use the tips below to improve your chances of choosing the right house.

Watch out for cracks in the wall

The rule of thumb when it comes to cracks in the wall is that it is a big problem if you can see them from across the room. A hairline crack or two should not be a disaster, but anything larger that stands out should definitely be investigated. Check window frames to see if they slope downwards and try to pay attention to the width rather than the length. If a crack is wider than 5/6 cm, this can generally be a sign of structural problems in the house.

Meet the neighbours

When you are seriously considering buying a property, take the time to think about the neighbourhood. Don't be afraid to ask your future neighbours for a short conversation about the house, about the owner's possible reasons for selling the house or about any previous problems with the house. Moreover, it offers the chance to get to know what kind of people you might live with if you actually buy the house. So pay a visit to your future neighbours and sit down on their corner sofa with recliner for a good chat.

Look for moisture

It seems like an obvious thing to look for, but don't be afraid to look for signs of dampness. Apart from the musty smell you're likely to encounter during the house viewing if there is moisture in the property, you should keep your eyes open for things like flaking/bubbling paint or tide marks along the walls. Fresh paint is often used to mask the smell of dampness, so don't think you're free if you don't pick up on that smell. Also, a swivel chair could have been placed for the moisture spots, so pay close attention to this.

Ask the right questions

The estate agent is primarily there to sell the house, but will probably also know all the defects of the property. Ask them things like how many people have owned it in the last ten years, how recently it was rewired and if it has had much work done. If you don't ask, they probably won't point these things out to you. Don't let the fear of being nosy stop you from finding out as much as you can about the house.

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