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Advantages of buying a new house

New homes have significant advantages and the standard of house building in the Netherlands has never been as high as it is today. With the need for housing at unprecedented levels, house builders are investing huge amounts of resources in the quality of their new homes; from exceptional standard equipment to improved energy efficiency. So why buy a new home? In this article you will find the main reasons!

Something for everyone

New build homes come in all shapes and sizes, from small studios to large five bedroom houses, and there are countless designs and styles to choose from - something for everyone. Depending on the stage of construction, some builders offer a bespoke service to customers, allowing them to choose fixtures and fittings or a higher specification from the contractor's range for an additional charge. In some cases, this includes flooring, upholstery, interior design or even a landscaping service. This allows you to tailor the new home perfectly to your needs and wishes, just as is important when comparing home insurance.

Empty canvas

Everything in a new home is clean and untouched by previous owners - it's like buying a brand new car and driving it right out of the showroom. Most new homes are decorated in 'neutral' colours, giving buyers a blank canvas from day one to stamp their own style and personality on.

High specifications

Buying a new home means that you are buying a home built to a much higher specification than many older homes. The number of 'standard' features in new build homes has also increased dramatically. Today, many new developments have fitted kitchens with cooker and hob, fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher, and many have fitted en-suite bathrooms or shower rooms. New homes are designed to meet the latest government building codes and are also equipped with the latest heating systems, excellent wall and loft insulation, double-glazed windows and doors.

Less stress and hassle

New homebuyers can move into their new home as soon as it is ready, there is no need to wait for existing residents to move out. This reduces the chain, which can be one of the most stressful parts of the process involved in buying a second-hand property. So on paper, moving into a new-build home is a lot simpler than moving into a property where others have previously lived.

Good for the planet

New homes are already six times more energy efficient and generate more than 60 per cent less CO2 emissions than older homes, which is equivalent to driving 10,000 fewer kilometres per year per household. So owners of new homes can rest assured that they are doing their bit for the environment. But it's not just about the planet, improved energy efficiency also saves money and living in a new house can reduce energy bills by more than 500 euros per year. With this, you could buy a new smartphone, for example, or book the holiday of your dreams!

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