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All about PVC flooring for your bathroom

Tiles have long reigned in high-end bathrooms. Bathroom PVC flooring has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years to become a worthy competitor. A PVC floor bathroom is a cheaper option than tiles. Bathroom PVC flooring used to be available only as a continuous sheet. It is now available in both plank and tile styles and can easily replicate the expensive tile and wood floors. This makes it more adaptable than ever before. PVC flooring has a wood and stone effect finish that is truly realistic. This cheaper solution has some distinct advantages that may make it the best option for you.

Advantages of PVC flooring

Bathroom PVC floors from roobol are significantly easier to install than other alternatives. Do you find your bathroom floor cold on winter mornings? Then a PVC floor could be a good option. PVC floors are softer and warmer to the feet compared to tiles. PVC floors are a good choice for bathrooms because they are water resistant. This means that it will not deteriorate if it is regularly exposed to water. The waterproof properties of PVC flooring for bathrooms make cleaning a pleasure as it is not difficult to maintain. A simple mopping-up schedule should be sufficient. These floors require relatively little maintenance to keep it looking like new. Replacing broken or damaged floors is not a problem because PVC floors are not as expensive as other flooring options. Modern PVC flooring is available in several high quality finishes to choose from.

Are there any PVC floors for wet areas?

PVC flooring can be used in wet and damp areas because of its water resistant and slip resistant properties. It gives a warm feeling to your feet, which is much more pleasant than cold tiles or hardwood. PVC floors come in different slip resistance classes which determine how slip resistant they are. The R-classifications make it ideal for use in bathrooms and other areas where slipping can occur, such as in the kitchen. PVC flooring has many advantages and also many disadvantages. It depends on you and your needs whether you want to use it for your bathrooms. You can also choose from the different styles and finishes that suit your preferences. The point is that not everyone wants to use PVC for their bathroom floors. PVC simply offers many advantages that other flooring options such as tiles do not. Make sure you have it installed by a professional installer.

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