Garden Rik 16 december 2022

Artificial turf as the ideal solution

If you have green fingers you may not have to think about it, but otherwise artificial grass the solution! Artificial grass in the garden is a good solution if you want to enjoy a green look all year round. If your garden is partly sheltered or you don't have the time to maintain grass, artificial grass is a good alternative.

The benefits of artificial grass

In a nutshell, artificial grass is ideal because it stays evergreen, you never have to mow it and it is water-permeable. However, there are many more advantages! First of all, it is cheap because it is a one-off investment and it is also low-maintenance. After all, you don't have to look after it with mowing, watering or fertilising because this is not necessary. Artificial grass can be laid anywhere and it is weatherproof, hardwearing and, of course, colourfast. You don't have to worry about your grass turning brown because it is sheltered! Finally, you never have to remove those pesky weeds and if you have children, it is also safe to use. This is because artificial grass is soft to the touch, it does not shed and it is very suitable for playground equipment. Who wouldn't want a nice artificial turf garden?

What types of artificial grass are there?

You can install artificial grass in various places, such as the garden, the balcony or for on a playing field. However, there is a difference in the types of artificial grass. For instance, there is grass carpet and turf. Grass carpets are green and have blades, but you immediately notice that it is not real grass. It is cheaper to buy, but as a result, the quality is relatively lower when you compare it to other artificial grass. To counteract water on the carpet, it has drainage holes. This way, no water remains and mould is prevented. Grass mats can be custom-made and are mainly used for laying out lawns in gardens. The softness of the grass is determined by the density and height of the blades. This variety has several years of warranty in areas such as durability, moisture permeability and wear.%26nbsp;

Laying artificial grass

You can have artificial grass laid, but you can also do it yourself. You can compare it to laying a street, as you have to take into account roughly the same things. You have to pay attention to the stability of the subsoil, but also to the possibilities of water drainage. A good basis for laying artificial grass is half the battle!

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