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Bringing the modern look into your garden

People are increasingly choosing to have a modern look in their garden. Besides being beautiful to look at and relax in, it has many advantages. It's not surprising that so many people have a modern back garden. In this blog we will tell you how to bring this look into your garden.

The natural materials

Many different kinds of materials and elements are used in this look: wood, paving, lighting, water and gravel. All supplies are very low maintenance and durable. This means you spend less time maintaining and you enjoy your comfortable lounge set longer.

Wood is often used in shelters, decks and pergolas. These create seating areas to relax in after a long day at work. Hardwood and Douglas fir are commonly used wood types because of their durability. These wood species are water-resistant, which makes them suitable for the Dutch weather conditions. This in turn is combined with paving. In a modern garden we often find large tiles with fewer joints and therefore weeds. To bring extra variation, it is possible to add gravel. This comes in countless colours and requires almost no maintenance. This means there is always a perfect choice for your garden.

The soothing colours

The modern look brings its own colour combination. The plants come in green, the wood in brown and the paving in different shades of grey. These colours create a peaceful atmosphere and complement each other well. These natural materials can be complemented by black and white garden furniture.

Brighten up the garden

Spruce up your garden with lighting, plants or a comfortable chair. garden bench. LED spots light up the garden path, trees and seating areas in an atmospheric way. There are many possibilities to make it to your own taste. Determine the strength, colour and direction that it illuminates. In the modern garden, certain plants cannot be missing. A flat piece of grass brings out the characteristic clean lines. If maintaining it takes too much time, artificial grass is also a good alternative. This lawn is often combined with high planters containing: lavender, blue straw flower, summer heather and aster.

Do you want to make your seating area extra cosy or do you have extra space? A fire table is a nice warming place to sit in the summer evenings. This is an eye-catcher for a nice heated terrace. With relaxing music in the background, you can enjoy a snack and a drink with friends and family in the late evening hours to round off the day.

To relax during the holidays or to start the day with a cup of coffee, you need comfortable garden furniture. The colours black and white are often used because they complement the other colours used in the rest of the garden. Are you looking for new garden furniture? Then check out where the garden chairs on sale are.

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