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Calculating the buyer's costs of your house

Searching for a house to buy brings a lot of information with it. When you have seen a house on the website of an estate agent, there is an extensive description. However, the description is not everything. The asking price is also listed here. Behind this amount is often "buyer's costs". These are the costs you have to pay as a buyer. You can see them as additional costs before you buy the house. There are many things that fall under this and you should carefully calculate in advance what this amount will be. Calculating the buyer's costs for your home can therefore save you a lot of surprises. But how do you do this? Read on and discover what you need to pay attention to when calculating the costs.

Calculate the buyer's costs of a house for an overview

Calculating the buyer's costs of your house is important to know as much as possible about the financing of the property. These additional costs include the transfer tax, notary fees, estate agent fees and consultancy fees. All these costs cannot be co-financed with the mortgage, but must be paid from the equity. You therefore always want to know how high this final amount will be. This requires a number of data before you can actually make the calculation. There is also a difference between the purchase of an existing home and a new home. You must therefore pay attention to what is possible and what data you need for the calculation.

The basic data for the calculation

There are a number of things that need to be included in the calculation of the purchase price of your house. You need to indicate whether you are buying an existing house or a new house. Also the purchase price of the house will be included in the calculation. If you already know what kind of mortgage you want to take out, you can also indicate this. Only do this when the mortgage differs from the purchase price. Do not forget to mention if you use the National Mortgage Guarantee. These are the most important data you need to fill in to calculate your buyer's costs. On the basis of this information a good estimate can be made without needing more information.

A more complete picture of the new house

If you want a more complete picture, you can calculate the buyer's costs of a house based on some other information. When you go to look at a new construction home, there are a number of things you will be asked to do. For example, you have the construction interest. This is the amount charged by the construction company when the house is not sold yet, but construction has already started. Also the amount of a mortgage advice or mediation must be filled in. The notary fees are also important. If you do not know all these details, the most common amounts are included in the calculation. The final buyer's costs may therefore differ from what you will pay, but it will give you a first overview.

The costs for an existing house

For an existing house, you can calculate the buyer's costs by adding a number of other data. For example, you have the value of moveable property taken over, or the WOZ value. You can also indicate whether you have engaged a real estate agent. A distinction is made between brokers with a commission and brokers with a fixed price. When you have chosen the brokerage, you must include the number of percentages that are calculated. Then also indicate whether this is inclusive or exclusive of VAT. You also need to include the year in which the transfer will take place and the transfer tax rate. These are just the basic details needed for the calculation.

Additional data also required

Calculating the buyer's costs for an existing house involves a number of other questions. The appraisal costs, mortgage advice or mediation costs and the notary fees are also listed here. These data are not always clear. Again, if you do not fill in this information, the most common amounts are mentioned. Ultimately this may differ from reality. However, this reality is the overview of costs that you will have to pay out of your own pocket. It is therefore best to be as specific as possible when calculating, so that there are no surprises later. Only then can you enjoy your new home.

Including the architectural inspection in the costs

In addition to the most common factors of the buyer's costs, there are also various costs that are not always included in the calculation. One of these is the structural inspection. This inspection is not an obligation, but it does give you a better picture of the house. During this inspection they look at what needs to be repaired in the house before you can move in.

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