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Customised curtains or blackout blinds

Curtains, what are they for? Firstly, curtains are meant to keep out the light. Secondly, curtains are meant to keep curious people from peeking in. If anything is annoying, it's people looking / peeking in. This applies to the bedroom but also to the living room. The third reason to hang curtains in front of your windows is that curtains can give a room atmosphere. A romantic atmosphere, a sunny, happy atmosphere or a modern, sleek atmosphere. A lot is possible with curtains.

Tailor-made curtains, measuring is knowing

Curtains are available in almost every colour, size, print and light and sound transmission. Important information you need to know in the shop is the size. First, hang the curtain rod. Take the width of the curtain rod and add 20 centimetres. The height of the curtains can be determined by measuring from the floor to the top of the curtain rod. The curtain will then hang about 1,5 centimetre off the floor. Please note: this measurement method is used for fabric curtains.

Match your curtains to your interior design

It's important to choose soft colours for curtains, especially in the bedroom. This will help you fall asleep and create a calmer atmosphere. So you can make your bedroom romantic, nostalgic or modern chic. The use of the room where the curtain will hang is also important. For a bedroom, it is better to choose a slightly thicker fabric that keeps out noise. It is also important for the bedroom that no light shines through from outside.

Black-out roller blinds

A good option for the bedroom are black-out roller blinds. They are simply elegant, durable and effective.

Customised curtains and blackout blinds have many functions. They darken the room, keep out noise, but most of all they add atmosphere to a room. Choose the curtains that match your interior and don't forget to measure the size of your curtains.

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