Housing market Rik 23 november 2022

Essential tips to make your home more valuable

Now that the overheated housing market of the past few years finally seems to be cooling down a bit, it also means that the house prices are barely rising anymore. No big deal for buyers, but when you have plans to sell your home, this is less good news.

Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can apply to still make your house more valuable. How about creating a really nice garden with a grass carpet? Or buying solar panels for lower energy bills and a better world? You can read more about it in this article.

Insulate your home wherever possible

In any case, what is highly recommended is to insulate your home as much as possible. With gas and energy prices on the rise, a poorly insulated house is disastrous for the amount of your energy bills. Logically, the asking price for such a house will be lower than when the building does have good insulation. After all, nobody likes to pay too much for energy.

That is why it is advisable to have the windows, walls, floors and roof properly insulated. For the windows, this means switching to HR++ glass for extra good insulation. This may cost you time and money before you can sell the house, but in the end you will get more in return. More and more people pay attention to this when buying a house because it is both better for the environment and for your energy bill.

Renovate your garden with modern elements

As well as insulating the house, you shouldn't the garden not forget. What many people don't know is that the state of the garden also affects the asking price of a house. In fact, often you even see the garden before the inside of the house! That calls for a renovation of the garden where you have to do up at least some standard chores. Do you have a lawn? Then look carefully at its quality %26nbsp;

A new grass carpet can give your garden that well-kept look it needs. What is also important is to completely tidy up your garden and make it neat where possible. Create one or more seating areas: a seating area with a dining table and BBQ and a seating area somewhere at the back of the garden with a lounge sofa with colourful cushions and other modern elements.

Purchase solar panels for renewable energy

In terms of sustainability and energy saving, it is also advisable to buy solar panels for your home. With solar panels, you generate sustainable energy directly from the sun. This means that you don't have to buy electricity from your energy supplier, or at least much less. You also save a lot on your energy bill because you generate your own solar energy.

The big advantage of solar panels is that you get a relatively quick return on your investment. After eight to ten years, you will already have earned your money back. But: if you buy solar panels to increase the value of your house, you won't have so long to recoup your investment. Fortunately, in that case you can simply increase the asking price of your house, because your house will be worth more when it has solar panels on it.

Create more surface area with an extension

Did you know that the surface area of your home is a big determinant of the final asking price of your house? That means: the more surface area the house has, the higher the price can be. Therefore, it is advisable to extend your property if possible. Every little helps in this respect. Be careful not to take a whole chunk out of the garden if the garden is already not that big. Many people find sufficient outdoor space important too.

Another thing you should know is that an extension in a big city like Amsterdam or Utrecht will easily increase the value of a house, but in a rural area, a house with a large garden with grass carpet can be different. Houses in a big city quickly increase in value. So get good advice and read up on things so that you know exactly what is or is not allowed for creating more surface area with an extension to your home.

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