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Have you made an offer and are you in doubt? During these phases you can withdraw your bid without consequences

You have been looking for the perfect home for a while. The supply is currently huge, so you make some concessions here and there. After a while you come across the perfect house and you want to move fast. You arrange a viewing and immediately make an offer. But after making an offer, you feel anxious and start worrying. You doubt whether this is really the house you want, but can you still go back?

You first have to look at the exact situation to find the answer. There are four options:

Option 1: You have made an offer, but no response yet.

At this stage you can still withdraw your bid, as long as you have not received a response. Anything can still happen. At this stage you can also alter the offer, this applies to both the purchase price and the resolutive conditions.

Option 2: you have made an offer and received a counter offer%26nbsp;

Now the negotiation phase begins. You are free to negotiate with other sellers during this phase. Even though you are negotiating, you can always bid on more than one house at a time. You can still change your bid or withdraw it at any time during this phase. Everything is still possible.

Option 3: Your bid is accepted

Superfine, but if you have any doubts, you will slowly start to feel some stress. Yet there is still not much going on at this stage. Does the seller accept your bid? Then you can still withdraw your bid. Is it not in black and white yet? Then you can still get out of it without any problems. A verbal agreement is not binding in this case.

Option 4: you have made an offer and signed a provisional sales contract

Now you have to make a choice for yourself. In the provisional sales contract, you have agreed on the price and the conditions. Have you signed it? Then you have reached an agreement in principle on the purchase and the house is yours. In this phase there is still a legal cooling-off period of three days, in which you can still cancel the purchase. After these three days, the resolutive conditions that were drawn up in the preliminary sales contract will apply, for example a financial reservation.

Do you really want to withdraw from the sale and have you completed all the phases? That is also possible, but at a penalty of 10% of the purchase price.

There is still some time for reflection when you have made an offer. It does not mean that you have sole claim to the property. It is a good idea to think beforehand whether the house really suits you, this will save you some sleepless nights.

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