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Heating your home with underfloor heating

Long and gradual heating

Floor heating works differently from radiators. Underfloor heating heats the floor slowly and gradually through pipes installed in the floor. This even heating makes your room cosy throughout.

An underfloor heating system is already generally more economical than traditional radiators. However, heating via the floor does take more time than heating via radiators. That is exactly why it is not wise to turn off underfloor heating to save energy.


The moment you turn off the underfloor heating, it takes a lot of energy to get the room up to temperature again. This immediately removes the advantage you have of turning off the heating at night. It is recommended to turn the underfloor heating down to a maximum of 2 degrees lower than the temperature you use during the day. This applies both to the times when you are not at home and at night. 

Smart thermostats

Today you have many smart thermostats that you can set to an eco mode. These are the times when you are absent or the room does not need to be heated. Then set it to a maximum of 2 degrees lower than the regular temperature. Then you'll always be fine.

Always keep in mind that an underfloor heating system takes about an hour per degree to heat up. So make sure you set the temperature to the right setting on time. That way you will always be warm.

Summer and underfloor heating

How about in summer? Because the heating does not need to be used in summer, you can safely turn the underfloor heating down or even off during this period. This way, you prevent it from turning on anyway, for example during colder nights.

As soon as summer is over and the outside temperature drops, turn the heating up again in small steps. That way, you avoid using a lot of energy all at once and make sure your home is up to temperature on time.

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