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Heating your pool

Nowadays, more and more people, have a pool in their garden in the summer. Last year, corona pools rose even more in popularity. Because not all people went on vacation, or stayed in the Netherlands, it was still very nice to have a pool with a vacation feeling. Children can play wonderfully in the pool, but parents often have a lot of fun too.

In the Netherlands, the weather is often less stable than in other countries. Because of different and sometimes colder temperatures, the pool cannot be enjoyed every day. Children often don't find colder water a big problem, but parents also want to be able to swim with them. The solution to this problem is heating your pool. Heating your pool can be done in different ways. One of the most energy efficient methods is to heat your pool with a heat pump.

The heat pump in your home has been on the rise in recent years. For heating your pool, a heat pump is also an ideal solution. The heat pump can be connected to the filter. The filter then pumps water into the pool which can be heated to 3 to 5 degrees above ambient temperature. A heat pump is suitable for temperatures above 15 degrees. In the spring and autumn, the temperature in the Netherlands is usually above these values. Therefore, your pool can be used much longer than without heating. A heat pump is not cheap to buy, but because you can use your pool longer and more pleasantly, it is a purchase that is definitely worth making. To maintain the temperature in the water as much as possible, it is also advisable to cover the pool after use.

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