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Here's how to keep your rug like new

You have recently brought a brand new rug into your home and of course you now want to make sure that not a single speck of dirt lands on it. The troublemakers in the house, be they children, pets or other housemates, will be closely watched from now on. Ideally, you would guard your new rug with your life, but a house is lived in and this will have an impact on the rug. From a trampled rug to a stubborn stain: it happens to the very best. But not to worry, we have some tips to make sure your front rug stays looking radiant and like new.

3 tips to keep your rug looking like new

A house is lived in and an area rug suffers. From accidents with a glass of wine to being trampled, a rug has to endure it all. However, the size or material of a rug means you can't just pop it in the washing machine to freshen it up. With these three tips, you can keep your rug like new:

1.%26nbsp;Get rid of stains

An accident happens quickly, but can have unpleasant consequences. Food, drinks or even faeces may end up on your rug. These kinds of stains are a real eyesore and are often extremely difficult or even impossible to remove. Prevention is still better than cure, but if an accident does occur, don't make the mistake of scrubbing immediately. This often backfires and usually only makes the stain worse. As soon as something is spilt on the carpet, make sure the moisture is absorbed from the carpet as quickly as possible. You can do this by gently dabbing with kitchen roll. Depending on the type of stain, you can also work with bicarbonate of soda or table salt. You sprinkle a little powder on the stain and let it soak in for a while. Afterwards, you can simply vacuum the stain away.

From a squashed to a fluffy rug

Heavy furniture or regular walking back and forth can cause your rug to get squashed. Whether you have a high-pile or low-pile rug or one with height variations, a squashed rug largely loses its character and simply looks less beautiful. Now tell me, a fluffy rug looks a lot more luxurious, right? You can counteract a squashed rug by turning the rug 180 degrees every six months. That way, furniture and footprints won't have a chance to settle permanently in the rug. Are there still some squashed bits on the rug? Then take the hoover with the brush attachment and vacuum firmly against the grain. This will bring the hairs of the rug back up, once again making the rug look fluffy. If vacuuming doesn't work, you can also still put an ice cube on the squashed bits. As the ice cube melts, the water will soak into the hairs causing them to swell and straighten back up.

3.%26nbsp;What about general maintenance

You don't always see it, but an area rug catches a lot of dirt, ranging from fine dust, to hair and other debris. That's why it can use a little love on a weekly basis. You can do this by patting out your rug and then giving it a good airing on the clothesline. With a large and heavy rug, this quickly becomes an impossible mission, but then you can stick to a thorough vacuuming. Moreover, by vacuuming against the hairs, you will pull them straight and up again. This immediately creates a fresh look. A hoover comes with different attachments, depending on what kind of carpet you have, choose the brush or the smooth attachment. Besides vacuuming, you can also give your rug a wash. On TikTok, we saw a good trick for this. Take a lukewarm cloth with all-purpose cleaner and stretch it around a lid of a cooking pot. While holding the handle of the lid, make a circular motion. Do this all over your carpet and see how much dirt comes off.

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