Housing market Elise Hees 6 maart 2022

Homebuyers can get more mortgage

Compared to five years ago, it has become a lot easier to get a mortgage. The second income counts for a larger part nowadays and the maximum amounts for an NHG-mortgage are much higher. Unfortunately, house prices have also risen sharply. Being able to borrow more does not mean that you will be able to buy a house.

The low mortgage interest rate ensures that homebuyers can borrow a much larger amount on their income. Another consequence of low mortgage rates is the strong increase in house prices. If prices rise faster than what potential buyers can borrow, a higher loan amount does not create more opportunities.

What do the new lending standards 2022 say?

The Nibud advises annually, based on calculations, what the borrowing norms should be for the new year. The borrowing standards of 2022 mean a higher maximum mortgage for some and a lower maximum mortgage for others. With an income up to about €50,000, most Dutch people can get a slightly higher mortgage. For higher incomes, the maximum mortgage amount decreases slightly. With an income of approximately €110,000, buyers can get approximately €10,000 less in mortgage.

Student debt may become less of a problem

The new government's coalition agreement includes plans to make student debt less of an issue for the maximum mortgage. According to these plans, in the future the outstanding debt should be taken into account instead of the original debt. As a result, all payments on student debts will benefit the maximum borrowing capacity.

Higher NHG cost limit

Due to rising house prices, it will be possible in 2022 to take out an NHG mortgage up to a purchase price of €355,000. This gives a wider possibility to get a mortgage. NHG entitles the buyer to a discount on mortgage interest. Lower charges result in a larger borrowing capacity.

First-time buyers do not pay transfer tax anymore

Since 2021, first-time buyers have been exempt from transfer tax. A condition is that the buyers are not older than 34 and the house to be bought is not more expensive than €400,000. This exemption applies only once.

A low mortgage interest rate also provides greater borrowing opportunities

For the monthly costs, it makes quite a difference whether the mortgage interest rate is 1.5 or 3.5%. The current low mortgage rates allow homebuyers to borrow much more on their income. As soon as interest rates rise sharply again, the maximum mortgage on income will also fall.

Being able to borrow more means higher house prices

The increase in borrowing capacity combined with the shortage of houses has led to a sharp rise in house prices. As a result, buyers may be able to borrow much more than they could five years ago, but the houses have also risen sharply in value. Buyers are therefore worse off, despite a wider range of borrowing options.

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