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How long does transferring house at the notary take?

If you have already signed the purchase agreement with the notary when buying a new property, it is now up to the notary to arrange the transfer. During the transfer, you will receive the keys to the property, but exactly how much time does this take? Below you will find out how long the transfer of a house takes on average at the notary.

The transfer of a house

The transfer is the document that indicates who is the official owner of the property and is issued when there is a change of ownership. The transfer involves some paperwork, which can take anywhere from one day to several weeks at the notary. Things like applying for a mortgage or credit with a bank play a big role in how long the transfer of a house takes.

When is the transfer?

As soon as the provisional sales contract is signed by the new buyer, the transfer can start. In most cases, there is a maximum of 6 weeks between the time that buyer and seller have both agreed. We need to distinguish between the following two things when a house is bought/sold:

  • Buying existing house: A standard and final round of inspections should take place before the house is passed. This can take several days to weeks.

  • Buying new house: Only one comprehensive inspection round needs to take place, allowing the transfer to take place faster.

Final inspection round

For an existing property, a final inspection round needs to be carried out before the transfer. This inspection serves to check whether the seller leaves the property as agreed. If hidden defects are discovered after the inspection round, we will discuss together how to solve them.

The transfer itself

If the property is approved after the final inspection round, the notary can pass the house. During the transfer of the house, both the buyer and the seller of the house must be present. However, in their absence, the notary can be authorised. Passing the house itself takes a maximum of 30 to 60 minutes. This involves signing a deed of delivery and often a mortgage deed.

Get professional advice

Leave the work to a true expert and hire a reliable estate agent who provides good quality advice. You can find several top estate agents in the Netherlands who can advise you on matters relating to selling your home and on the transfer.

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