Interior design Elise Hees 5 april 2022

How to create a stylish play corner in the living room?

Barbies on the sofa, colouring books and crayons on the table, not to mention the pain of standing on a Lego you recognise this? Of course, a house is lived in and children should be able to play. However, we can imagine that it would be nice if the toys that are lying around were limited to a specific part of the living room. A place where children can play, without having to turn the whole living room upside down. But how can you create this?

We'd love to give you some tips and inspiration, because a play area can be so much more than just a messy table. In fact, there are many nice options to make a play corner a part of your interior.

The tepee tent

A really nice, trendy option is to place a tipi tent to keep the play area a bit 'out of sight'. Got a Scandinavian interior? Then this will come out really nice! You do need to have the space for it, but if you can, it is a nice eye-catcher. You can put nice cushions where the children can sit on and place a cabinet with toys. Now they really do have their own private play corner!

The 'closed' play corner

Do you want your living room to remain calm and austere? Then a (semi) closed play corner is a fine solution. With some solid wooden boards you can create a half-high partition around the play-corner. Paint the boards in a colour that matches the rest of your interior. Put a desk and a cupboard in the playcorner and the children can get on with their lives. Do you want to make it extra cosy? Then mount some nice lanterns or lamps for example. In this way, the play corner really becomes part of your interior and you keep most of the 'clutter' out of sight.

The indoor swing

Have you ever thought about an indoor swing? The children get a corner in the living room where they can have a lot of fun and can even swing in the rain! There are different types of indoor swings, but they have to match your interior. Is your interior more romantic or rural? Then a wooden swing is a nice option. Do you have an industrial interior? Then of course you should go for a more robust version. For the 'urban jungle' indoor swing you can also wrap artificial ivy around the swing.

Chalkboard or masking tape

Finally, you can use masking tape or a chalkboard to decorate a play area in a fun way. Separate from the living room, so that it doesn't become a closed space. Buy a chalkboard in the shape of a little house, for example, or use masking tape to make a little house on the wall. Then put a nice table with storage trays and a few chairs against the wall in question. Finish off with a nice hanging plant on the wall or another form of decoration.

Do you already have inspiration for a play corner that suits your interior? Think carefully about what suits you and your child(ren). Good luck!

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