Renovation Rik Feijen 12 mei 2021

Modifying or relocating your home?

Do you notice that it's getting harder and harder to get into the bathtub? Or is it getting tough to take out the garbage bag three times a week? Then you can start moving to a home that is more suitable for your age. Did you know that it is also possible to completely adapt your home? With a few tips you can enjoy the beautiful home you are living in for years to come. After all, moving is not always the best option; especially since house prices have risen by no less than 11 percent over the past two years!

The stairs: a simple solution

A stair elevator ensures that you no longer have to worry about falling down the stairs. As you get older, it can become a lot harder to reach the top. Buying a stair elevator is a simple and appropriate solution. The cost of a stairlift can vary greatly. There are various models on the market that can meet your requirements. Is the purchase of a stairlift too big a burden on your budget? You can always rent a stairlift or buy a second-hand one.

Adaptations in the bathroom

After the stairs, the bathroom is a place where the elderly often fall. To prevent a broken hip or other injuries, it's always a good idea to tackle the bathroom. After all, stepping over a bathtub rim to take a shower is not very wise. By creating a walk-in shower and laying down non-slip mats, an accident can be prevented. Attaching special handles in the shower is also not a bad idea.

Household chores

Daily chores around the house such as taking out the trash are becoming an increasing challenge for the elderly. In many municipalities, there are fewer and fewer places to dump garbage, thus making it more difficult for the elderly. To avoid having to walk with heavy garbage bags, you can empty the garbage every day or hire a helper to take this chore over from you.

Adjusting thresholds

Thresholds can become quite tiring to step over. This problem is easily solved, as thresholds can often be made lower. In many cases you can lower the threshold yourself. You do this by removing the high threshold and installing a replacement for this threshold. If this does not work, you can always hire an external company to make your home barrier-free!

Still moving? Here is what to pay attention to

Don't feel like, have the time or money to adapt your home? Then of course it is always possible to move. If you decide to move, it is important that you choose a home where you can live for a long time. The home you are going to rent or buy should ideally be on one level and preferably close to a supermarket. Good luck with adapting your home or finding a new one and have fun living there!

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