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Reduced VAT rate solar panels

With rising energy prices, solar panels are more interesting than ever. However, the investment is still a barrier for many consumers. Yet there seems good news to come and the purchase of solar panels soon for more consumers feasible by any abolition of VAT on solar panels. That still saves 21 percent.


At the moment, consumers who buy solar panels can reclaim the VAT on the panels purchased via a for many cumbersome construction. For many consumers, this paperwork is a reason not to opt for this sustainable way of generating energy. If you have found your way to the tax authorities, you will have to file an annual tax return. If you have signed up for the Small Business Scheme ( KOR), then you are exempt from filing a tax return for three years, but you cannot subsequently reclaim the VAT on the panels.


All in all, quite a lot of hassle. Various European ministers have therefore been fighting for some time for the VAT on solar panels to be completely abolished. And there seems to be a breakthrough in this battle. Early December is an agreement on the possibility for European countries to introduce a zero rate for solar panels. This means that the Netherlands can implement a reduced VAT rate on solar panels. A reduced VAT rate in the Netherlands is between 0 and 5 percent.


Good news then. If you want to buy solar panels with this reduced rate, you have to be patient. The European Parliament must still give its official approval, but the steps taken seems only a formality. Once the European Parliament has given its approval, the Dutch law can then be adjusted and consumers who want to buy new solar panels or want to expand their existing solar panel cover will benefit.

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