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Rising energy prices? How to keep your bill low

It is all over the news: the steep rise in energy prices. Consumers are going to pay considerably more for the energy they purchase. Despite the planned compensation, you may still end up paying more than you are used to. Fortunately, you can take measures to keep your energy bill as low as possible.


The use of energy often goes unnoticed. The meter is running while you are cooking, taking a shower or turning up the heater a degree. You are often not aware of how much impact these small actions actually have on the bill. With both gas and electricity prices rising, it's good to be aware of your daily actions and how much energy they cost in the first place. You don't have to literally count that in euros, but being aware that every lamp that is on and every appliance on standby costs energy is a good start.

Limit the shower ritual

Think about your shower routine. Especially when the 'r' is back in the month, a long shower to warm up is of course very nice. This is also true of your energy meter, which is running high and gulping money. This is where you can make a profit. An average shower lasts 9 minutes. When a family spends 5 minutes instead of 9 in the shower, you save 15,000 litres of hot water and 90 m3 of gas annually. That's an average saving of €70 a year. So timing your shower really does pay off. Combine this with a water-saving shower head and your energy bill will be even lower.

Take small insulation measures

Taking insulating measures is always a good idea to reduce your energy bills. You don't even have to think about a huge investment. Small adjustments can be enough to reduce your energy bill. Think of sealing seams and cracks in draughty places and using draught strips along the doors. Installing radiator foil will also save you a few bob each year. Radiator foil stops unnecessary heat loss from the radiator and can therefore use the heat more efficiently.

Change bulbs

The right lighting can also save you a few bob a year. Replace all your light bulbs and halogen lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting. Despite the fact that light bulbs are almost impossible to buy and halogen lighting is no longer popular, it turns out that many households still have this type of lighting. So take a walk around your house and check every light point to make sure you are using energy-efficient lighting. It is also important not to leave LED lights on unnecessarily. So when you leave the room, turn off the lights.

Go for one degree less

The heating also accounts for a considerable cost item on the energy bill. Here, too, you can make significant savings. One degree less during the day can save you € 50, - per year. If you also turn the heating down a few degrees at night, the savings can be as much as € 100 a year. Homes with underfloor heating can easily set the heating at 17 to 18 degrees at night. The heater in the bedroom can also be turned off. An extra blanket or hot water bottle will save you an extra eight euros.

Lower the temperature of the central heating boiler

The central heating boiler is also a considerable energy guzzler that you can easily save on. Did you know that the standard setting for heating the water supplied is 80 or 90 degrees? According to the experts, this is unnecessarily warm, because a lower temperature can often heat the house sufficiently. You can easily reduce this temperature to 60 or 70 degrees. Do this in a few steps so that you can be sure that your home remains comfortable.

With a few simple and cheap measures, you can keep your energy bill affordable.

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