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Shapes in the dining area

Eating corners come in all sorts of sizes. Do you have a large dining room or rather a slightly smaller one? There are suitable shapes for every size of dining area. And we're not just talking about the dining table. Are you curious? Then read on quickly.

dining area Dining room

At the table

The first thing you probably think of when you think of shapes in the dining area is the dining table. When you look at tables, there is plenty of choice. The most common shape is the rectangular table. The rectangular table is best suited for a large dining area. At this shape dining table, you have a lot of space to put things away. Not only does it fit a lot of crockery, you can also easily fit decorations on a rectangular table. In addition, you can seat people on all sides, depending on the base. If you have a smaller dining area, a round table is a good choice. A round-shaped dining table is cosy to linger at, because you can look everyone in the eye. The disadvantage of this shape is that less people fit on the table. An oval dining table also fits well in a somewhat smaller dining area, because of the rounded corners. Besides all these shapes, we increasingly see organic shapes in interiors these days, including in dining tables. An organic dining table has rounded corners, looks very playful in your dining area and takes up about as much space as a rectangular table. In terms of materials, there is something for every living style. Go for a ceramic dining table if you are looking for a table that requires little maintenance, a wooden table if you appreciate a natural look or a (faux) marble dining table for a chic touch in your dining area.

Take a seat

Not only with dining tables is shape an important aspect. Shape also matters with dining chairs. For instance, there are dining chairs with round shapes. This chair has a soft look and fits perfectly with a rectangular dining table. This is because it breaks up the straight shape. At a round dining table, chairs with straight corners are a good choice. They also look great on an oval version. You can also choose from dining chairs with or without armrests. Decide for yourself what you find most comfortable. Also consider the available space. Chairs with armrests take up more space. Of course, you can also choose several chairs with armrests and a few without. When it comes to the base, you also have several forms to choose from. Do you go for straight legs, a cross leg, a U-frame or a sledge leg? Of course, not only the shape of the chair is important; the colour also has a big influence on the atmosphere. For example, will you go for grey, green or beige chairs? Beige dining chairs are very popular. They have a natural look and go well with all types of dining tables.

So, look at the space in your dining area and decide which shapes to reflect in it. Enjoy your meal!

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