Rik 6 mei 2022

The best ways to create more space in the home

Do you currently live in a nice house? Of course, you would prefer not to move. Nevertheless, you might be short of space and that is why you have come to this site to see if there are any larger properties for sale in the area. Not having enough space in your house can have various reasons, possibly because your family has grown larger or because you keep buying more things. Even so, there is no need to buy another house; instead, you can create more space in your current house. There are various ways of doing this, which you can read about below!

Addition or extension

For example, it can be a good idea to have an extension built. This is a good way to really create a lot more space in your home, which can also be helped by replacing the dormer window. In general, an extension is placed at the back of the house, although it is important that there is still enough space left in your garden. It will not take weeks to build an extension, this often only takes a few days. You can also opt for a double ridge raising to create more space in your home. What does a double ridge raise cost? At least 10 thousand euros, unfortunately this is not a cheap project.

Small adjustments

If you don't feel like a huge renovation, you can also quickly and easily create more space in your home with small adjustments. Here you can use the options below, among others:

  • Build a bay window to create more space in the living room. A full extension is more drastic, while a bay window also adds more character to your home.

  • Build a basement to give you more storage space in your home. You can put your stock in there, while you can also store other things in the basement. This will also give you more space in the living room and other areas of your home.

  • If you want to extend the dining room or create more seating space, you can choose a conservatory. This is especially recommended if you really enjoy the outdoors!


Not only by adapting your house, you can create more space in your home. You can also make use of the garden, which is possible in various ways. For example, it is an option to have a garden shed built. You can then use this as a storage space so that you don't have to store so much stuff in your house. It is even better to have a real garage in your garden. You can use it to store your car, bicycles, children's toys and much more. Your storage capacity will increase significantly, while you will not have to make any changes to your home. Yet you will have much more space in your home this way!

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