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This is how a landscaper can help you create the perfect garden

Laying out a new garden can be quite overwhelming. The first question is often already where to start. There are so many possibilities when it comes to garden design. Someone who does not have the same green thumb will soon not see the wood for the trees. Of course, you want your garden to look attractive, but you also want it to be practical and the plants to be planted in the right way. You can do it yourself, but a good gardener can take a lot of the work off your hands. This is often worthwhile, especially if you have to lay out a completely new garden.

The right knowledge

The biggest advantage of hiring a gardener is that he or she can do things you cannot do yourself. Such a person has the necessary knowledge and has learned to do so. Unfortunately, more and more people who want low-maintenance gardens choose to lay tiles. This is a waste and also worse for the environment. Don't know where to start yourself and want as little maintenance as possible and still lots of greenery in your garden? Then a gardener has the right knowledge. It is all about real craftsmanship and you need a professional for that. If you want to use a landscaper, you can go to to find a good specialist in your area.

Why choose a landscaper?

There are several reasons why you can use a landscaper. The main reason, of course, is because you usually have little understanding of gardening yourself. Especially with a newly built house, a garden Garden landscaping by a landscaper may not be an unnecessary luxury. You really start from the beginning, an empty bare patch of earth that you have to make something of. As a layman, it is difficult to see through that. A gardener has the right knowledge to transform that bare spot into a real, flourishing garden with a logical design. But you also need a gardener when you want to change or completely overhaul your current garden design.

What can a landscaper do for you %26nbsp;

Clearly, a landscaper can do a lot for you. But what work do they do exactly? They support you throughout the entire process. This starts with the design of your new garden:

Garden design

A gardener can help you with the initial design of your new garden. This can be a very extensive design or a simple sketch. This gives you, the customer, a clear picture of what your garden will look like and you can thus decide whether you want to go ahead with this plan. Because the gardener has the necessary knowledge, they can already take into account the right layout and other points of interest in the design. They look at where certain plants should be placed and also determine whether there are enough shaded areas. Of course, you think along in this process, it is your garden after all %26nbsp;

Laying out the garden

After the design phase comes, of course, the construction phase. The landscaper can do everything when it comes to construction. This starts with levelling the ground, after which the paving of a path or a terrace is laid. Planting is laid and the lawn is laid or sown. They can also help build special requirements such as a pond, pergola or atmospheric garden lighting. Everything laid down in the design now comes to life.


Once the garden has been laid out, it is then important to also have maintenance carried out. This too involves many different activities, such as weed removal, pruning, grass cutting, or repairs to tiling or canopies. This can be part of the entire construction of the garden. You can also hire a gardener on a structural or one-off basis for just garden maintenance. If, in the meantime, you have acquired a taste for doing all the day-to-day maintenance yourself, you can leave the jobs you have not yet mastered to the gardener. For example, pruning tall trees in the garden. Regular maintenance is important to keep your garden in optimal condition. This way, you can enjoy all the beauty around you for longer.

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