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Tips for renting storage space in Den Bosch

On average, we are living smaller and smaller in the Netherlands, including Den Bosch. You may therefore run out of space at home to store your things. Renting a storage space offers a solution! You can store your belongings and other materials you cannot store at home in a storage space in Den Bosch. But how does this work? Will you always have access to it? And what do you need to think about when renting a storage unit? Here we give you the best tips!

Compare storage units in Den Bosch by costs, conditions and facilities

There are 5 professional self-storage locations in Den Bosch. These are specialised self-storage rentals, which have storage boxes in various sizes. Whether you need a large or small storage unit, you will always find the size you need. When comparing self storage in Den Bosch, pay close attention to facilities, contract duration, access times and, of course, costs.

Cheap self storage in Den Bosch

The cost of a storage unit can vary considerably from one landlord to another. Some offer a discount in the first month(s), after which you have to pay the full amount. There are also locations that charge a deposit. So check this well in advance before signing a rental agreement. Good to know is that as a private person, you do not normally have to pay VAT when renting a storage unit.

Rental period

Rental periods can also vary. Some storage providers allow you to terminate your contract on a daily basis, others on a monthly basis.

Access times

It is also good to know in advance how often you want access to your belongings stored in the storage unit. Do you need regular access to your belongings? Then choose a storage unit that you can access every day. In many cases this is standard, and with an access code you can always access your self storage unit in 's-Hertogenbosch from early in the morning until late at night.


As a final, important consideration when comparing storage units, there are the facilities. How is the location in Den Bosch secured? Do you have your own lock attached to your storage unit? Is there an electricity supply in the storage unit? Are there conditioned storage bins so that your belongings always remain in good condition? Can you load and unload under cover and/or access the unit directly with your car? Can you borrow carts to put your belongings on and transport them to your storage unit? These are all important considerations when renting a self storage unit in Den Bosch. There are also rental companies where you can rent a van or trailer, ideal when transporting a large amount of stuff from home to the storage unit!

Where to rent a self storage unit in Den Bosch?

With the above tips, you can get started immediately when looking for a self storage unit in Den Bosch! Do you need a complete overview of all storage providers in the city and immediate surroundings? At you can easily compare locations and in many cases even rent directly online or request a quote first.

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