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Tips: how does your property stand out to potential buyers?

How do you fix up your home?

You can make your home more attractive to potential buyers by fixing it up first and only then putting it up for sale. It doesn't have to be complete renovations. Even small and affordable improvements can make a big difference. A fresh colour on the wall can do a lot.

With little money and effort, you can make a big difference with some small jobs in your house. For example, fix minor irritations before viewings start. Think about badly closing kitchen doors, loose wallpaper and loose door handles. You can get rid of these minus points within a few minutes.

Viewing your home as a potential buyer

You often don't see the disadvantages of your own home yourself. You have become used to the little flaws. So walk through your house as if you were considering buying it. You can also ask family or friends to give you tips on what they would like different.

A very tasteful colour on the walls, for example, you can paint over. Also pay attention to quality. A window with a crack in it is guaranteed to be a downside for a potential buyer. You can probably claim the damage on the house's glass insurance.

Is it worth the investment?

You do have to weigh up whether any investment is worth it first. The benefits must outweigh the burdens. The problem is that investments do not always increase the selling price. Replacing worn-out carpets in a bedroom with new carpets is unlikely to bring you a higher selling price.

Renovating an outdated kitchen by installing new fronts might, but even then you can't rationally determine what it will get you more. The selling estate agent can advise you on investments you are considering in the house.

Practical changes to the house

With a different layout, you can also make your house look different. Through creative changes, you can make your house suitable for more buyers. An example is splitting a large bedroom into two bedrooms. This can be drastic and costly, but the advantage is that you appeal to a larger target group. Or you now have a junk room that you use for storing things.

Clear the room and put in a bed so it looks like a bedroom again. At a viewing, such a change can make a big difference.

Clearing and refurbishing

Great investments are often not smart. But by cleaning up and redecorating your house, it will look a lot fresher and more spacious. Not only on the sales photos, but also during viewings.

By limiting yourself to buying paint, door handles and wallpaper, you can achieve a great effect without spending a lot of money. A refurbished house will sell faster and hopefully for a better price too.

Do you have sales plans? One of our top estate agents can do a valuation for you (completely free of charge) and give you tips on getting your house ready to sell!

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