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Useful tips to optimally light a room and create a cosy atmosphere

Do you ever walk into a room and immediately feel a cosy atmosphere? There's a good chance it's because of the lighting in the room. Just pay attention to it! Good lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. Whether you are looking for ways to create a soft and soothing atmosphere for reading and relaxing or a bright and cheerful atmosphere to welcome guests. To help you, we have listed a few handy tips for you. So you can make the best choice when it comes to lighting at home!

The right amount of light

The ideal lighting for a room depends on the purpose and atmosphere you are trying to create. A good rule of thumb is to use 2 or 3 lamps per room. Most people choose a larger light source on the ceiling and one or two smaller lamps that illuminate a specific area of a room. Think of a dining table or a desk. Before buying lighting, it is therefore important to think carefully about the number of luminaires you want to use and where they will be placed (ceiling, wall, floor, etc.). Of course, the type of luminaire is also important. Will you go for beautiful recessed spotlights or do you prefer to use an authentic barn lamp. We do recommend that you limit the amount of luminaires somewhat. That way, you avoid over-lighting a room and making it look cluttered. 

Please consider using dimmers

Dimmers are a great way to adjust lighting. You can switch on the lights, adjust the brightness and switch off with one switch. This is very useful if you want to create different atmospheres for different times of the day. Dimmers are available for all kinds of lamps think wall lights and recessed spotlights

Choose the right colour

The colour of light in a room can have a huge impact on the atmosphere. Different colours evoke different feelings and emotions, from calm and peaceful to energetic and inspired. Soft, warm shades of yellow and orange can make a room feel cosy and inviting, while bluer tones can create an atmosphere of focus and clarity. And if you want a really unique atmosphere, you can look at coloured lamps and lighting fixtures. From bright reds and purples to earthy greens, you can find a colour to suit any mood or style.

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