Interior design Elise Hees 30 maart 2022

What are the garden trends of 2022?

April does what it wants. This month, in terms of weather, we can expect anything. The first rays of sunshine, rain and wind. We have already had a few beautiful sunny days. The outdoor life has started and it is time to slowly prepare the garden for summer again. These garden trends of 2022 will bring you right up to date.


Would you like a theme with colour? Then choose Boho, short for Bohemian. A style inspired by the free gypsies and nowadays associated with colourful and laid-back with influences from faraway travels and special finds. With this style, you colour just outside the lines. Each object has its own story. By mixing different colourful decorative cushions, rugs and flower pots, you can go a long way. Natural materials such as wood, wool and leather are used a lot in this style.

From inside to outside

Another trend that really plays into this moment, where we are often more at home than before, is making indoors more outdoors. You make your garden more a part of your home, for example by letting tiles run through it or by coordinating furniture from inside and outside. This also applies to the use of colours. Installing a veranda or a roof is also a nice way of ensuring that the indoors and outdoors are more in line with each other. This way, you can enjoy your garden even in bad weather. A table fireplace or an atmospheric hearth is also a must. It completes the look and brings the cosiness and warmth of indoors outside.

Green, greener, greenest

Many natural materials. You see it more and more in the interior, but this year it is also a trend for outside. It can all be green, greener, greenest. Preferably as green as possible. Plants, flowers, ornamental grasses and hedges. This colour is also reflected in the garden furniture. There is now a lot more choice in terms of materials in green, than just the plastic green beach chairs. It is nice to let the green come back in the accessories. There is a wide choice of shades of green. In addition to green as the basic colour, choose other neutral colours such as grey, beige and brown. Warm, soft and subtle colours instead of bright, hard colours are the trend this year.


Sustainability is a trend that has been around for a while and can therefore hardly be called a trend anymore. Making your home sustainable is always a good idea, but so is your garden. For example, install a rain barrel in your garden; these are available in many different sizes nowadays. This is something that does not stand in the way, but is a real eye-catcher in your garden. And do you already have sustainably produced garden furniture with a long lifespan? This is also a trend that we like to encourage and hope will last. Planting flowers that attract butterflies, bees and insects is also a great trend. Finally, opt for lighting that works on solar energy (please note that you do not need batteries).

With these trends, your garden will be ready for a new summer season!

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