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What is door fitting?

Everything you want to know about door hardware

Door hardware is also a name for everything that can be placed on the inner door or the outer door. Here you can think of a door handle, a doorknob, the bell, the house number, the hinges, the shield and several other things. With door hardware you can give your door a complete finishing touch. You can order various kinds of door furniture. For every style of living there is a suitable door fitting available. In this article we tell you all about door hardware and you will find out what you should look for when you buy door hardware and what suitable door hardware is for the inner and outer door. Read on to find out more.

Buying door hardware: what to look for?

When you buy new door furniture it is important to make sure that you create a nice whole. Always choose the same style of door fitting. If you buy or order everything separately, it can make for a less beautiful whole. Often you can read on the web shops which items go together. Interior doors usually have different hardware than exterior doors. In order to choose the best door furniture for your home, it is advisable to take a good look at your interior style and adjust it accordingly.

Hardware for internal doors

Typical door fittings for the inner door are the door handle and the rosette. A door handle cannot exist without the rosette, which is important to take into account when buying door hardware. The rosette prevents friction on the door, no matter how often you open and close it. The door handle stays in place through the rosette, because they have a handy spring. Door handles are increasingly coming in a beautiful design. It is no longer simply a means of opening the door. Nowadays, the door handle really has to become part of the house.

Door hardware for external doors

Also with an outside door there are other suitable door fittings. Door fittings for external doors include the house number, the letterbox, the lock and the bell. If you are looking for door hardware for the outside door, then it is important to make a nice whole. If you change the door handle to something totally nothing, then you should also do this with the rest of the door fitting. That looks best.

We wish you good luck with your search for suitable door hardware.

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