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What is my house worth?

Are you about to sell your house? Your house is getting too small or too big, you are ready for a new environment or your dream house has come on your path. There can be various reasons why you want to sell your house. But what exactly is a value appraisal that is done in advance? During a value appraisal, you get to meet an NVM estate agent from your region. But what does it all mean exactly?

A free value provision

During a value provision, a broker comes to your home to determine the estimated value of your home. It is, of course, useful to know what your house is worth and whether you have any surplus value. The value of your home is based on (local) house prices of recently sold homes in your neighbourhood, but also where your home is located and the plot and living space are important points that a real estate agent takes into account to come to the right sales value. They also look at the condition of your home. For example, is it an old house that still needs a lot of work or has it been renovated in the last few years. In addition, we will look at whether there are any peculiarities, such as:

  • Are there any architectural defects?

  • Is there asbestos present?

  • Are the window frames still in order?

  • Have any investments been made?

  • Has there been rebuilding?

  • Is it a monument?

  • Have solar panels been installed?

Prior to the appraisal, gather as much information about your house as possible. This way, the estate agents can give you the best price advice and explain what this price is based on. However, you can often also make online calculations of the market value, but these data are often incorrect and they only look at selling prices in your neighbourhood. When buying a car, you also want to know what's under the bonnet. To make a realistic estimate, it is important that an experienced sales agent comes to look at your house. With years of experience, they know better than anyone what is going on in the local housing market. An appraisal takes about 60 to 90 minutes in total.

What can you do with a free appraisal?

A free appraisal is important if you're about to sell your house. It is an estimate of the sales value, asking price and any surplus value of your home. With the surplus value, you know what budget you can spend on another new house. Incidentally, a mortgage consultant can also be of further assistance with this. A value appraisal will enable you to make a better decision as to whether you want to put your house up for sale or whether you want to wait with this decision. Incidentally, no rights can be derived from a free appraisal.

For how long is an appraisal valid?

A value appraisal is a snapshot. If you sell your house right away, it is done with the value of that moment. Do you want to make an inventory and sell your house six months later? Then the value of your house may be different, because of the (local) housing market, but also because of other changes, such as a decrease or increase in mortgage interest. It could be that a new appraisal has to be made. An appraisal is free and without obligation and you are not tied to anything, even if you have it done twice.

Can you use an appraisal for a mortgage?

A value appraisal cannot be used to get a mortgage, an appraisal report can. When you consider selling your house, we recommend such an appraisal. If you go further in the selling and/or buying process, you might need an appraisal report for the mortgage of your new home.

Are you about to sell your house? Then get off to a flying start by asking us for a free valuation. But we understand very well that you want to get to know us better first! We are located in Eindhoven, Helmond and Den Bosch. We are happy to take the time to answer all your questions about the process. Your home is invaluable to you and of course you want to see the asking price as high as possible. Our estate agents are professionals in determining the market value of your home. We will do our utmost for you!

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