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What is the difference between a tiny house and a chalet?

There are some major differences between a tiny house and a chalet. A chalet is actually a small holiday home. If you want to buy a chalet, you usually do so for the holidays. A tiny house is really a small house with all the bells and whistles. A tiny house is basically meant to be lived in permanently. The appearance often differs enormously. People often have a larger budget for tiny houses and the houses often have a modern look. A chalet looks cosy, but is often not very similar to a modern house.

They are produced in a completely different way

A tiny house and a chalet are produced in a completely different way. That is why they are often offered by completely different parties. For example, you can buy a chalet from Stekelbos. A tiny house can be bought from a company that specialises in tiny houses. The places where you find a tiny house or a chalet will also generally differ. A chalet can usually be found in a holiday park, while tiny houses can be found in certain neighbourhoods.

What do they have in common?

Of course, a tiny house and a chalet have certain things in common. Both could be described as small dwellings and are also suitable for spending the night in. A chalet can also be made as luxurious as you like. The difference between the two is therefore mainly in their appearance and purpose.

Suitable as a home

There are also people who live in a chalet. Living in a chalet is therefore also an option. In general, however, you will have to pay for your pitch. A tiny house is generally not mobile at all and you usually don't pay for the pitch. A chalet can be moved, but is not made for that.

The target group is totally different

Suppliers of tiny houses and chalets generally focus on a completely different target group. Someone who wants to live in a tiny house will usually want to spend most of the year here. In general, people only buy a chalet to stay in during the holidays. For this reason, a tiny house is often better insulated. This means that you can continue to live in it during the winter.

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