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Why a structural inspection when buying a house?

Before you buy a house you want to give yourself as much security as possible. After all, it is a lot of money that you have to pay to own your dream home and you don't want any nasty surprises. One of the possibilities you have to avoid your uncertainties is to request an architectural inspection of the house. The defects of the house will be revealed and you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the purchase or look for something else. But why exactly should you have one done? Read on and find out.

The structural inspection of the house explained

A structural inspection of a house can do more than you initially thought. With this inspection everything is brought to light that the house lacks. Think of damages and overdue maintenance. Depending on the amount of repairs that need to be made, a certain amount of money will be involved. The amounts are averages that you can think of. Although there are often already a number of repairs mentioned in the advertisement of the real estate agent, a long list can be added. You must then decide whether you still want the property or whether you will forego the purchase.

Detecting asbestos for a safer home

The structural inspection of a house brings not only the small points of interest to light, but also the larger points of interest. Actually all necessary renovations are written down for you. During the inspection a number of points are taken into account. Consider, for example, the presence of asbestos. In the old houses there is often asbestos in the house. This is not only in the shed, but also in a stairwell or an old central heating boiler. You don't always have to have it removed immediately, but you should know where it is for when there are problems. Asbestos will have to disappear in the future. You will therefore need to take its presence into account in advance.

Electrical and other defects in old houses

The structural inspection of a house also looks at the jobs that have already been done. For example, the old residents may have carried out certain repairs themselves. But how did this happen? When an enthusiastic handyman has started work, it can cause dangerous situations. Take the electricity. If this has not been done in a proper way, it can cause problems in the long run. These defects should be traced before the purchase so that you can make timely changes. If it is not going to cost much, you can go ahead with the purchase. Otherwise it might be wiser to cancel the purchase.

Minor repairs to prevent major damage

Although these issues are mainly related to old houses, there are also many defects that come to light in new homes. The structural inspection should therefore also be carried out on new houses. It is not only about electricity and asbestos, but it can also have to do with the sealant. Tile work can also become loose. Maintenance is necessary, even if you did not think so at first. This is immediate repair and often brings a lower cost than if you put it off and end up with a bigger damage.

Using the inspection for negotiation

The structural inspection can therefore have major consequences. If you include this inspection in the contract of sale as a resolutive condition, it can, for example, lead to a cancellation of the sale. However, it also gives you something to hold on to. After all, you know exactly what renovations await you in order to get the house exactly as you want it. You get a good overview of the costs, so you know what to expect. You can then see if it will fit within your budget and you can possibly even negotiate with the seller because the house is worth less than estimated by an appraiser.

Perform the inspection before the sale

The architectural inspection is always best done before the sale. After all, there are big surprises and you may have spent more money on your new home than necessary. It also strengthens your position in the negotiations, because you have proof that you can pay less for the purchase. Although you would prefer to do all this yourself and may also want to do the chores yourself, it is wise to take the inspection to the seller. This way you can make sure you are well prepared.

The good preparation with benefits

With the architectural inspection you can achieve many benefits for yourself. When you have it done right, you not only save yourself a lot of money, but you also know in advance what repairs need to be done to get the house completely to your liking.

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