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Do you want to sell your house? Read the do's and dont's for the perfect pictures here!

Have you ever noticed while scrolling on Funda that there is never a bin in the picture? During a sale, a house must of course be presented as attractively as possible. Photographs play a major role in this, as images say more than words. The less stuff there is in the photos, the more spacious and attractive the picture will be. Check these do's and don'ts before the photographer comes and who knows, your house might be sold in no time because of the perfect photos.

Tidy up and clean up

Step one is of course to tidy up your house. It is important to get rid of unnecessary things. Think of toys, laundry baskets, toilet rolls, towels, dustbins, pet accessories and some family photos. It is important to keep your home as quiet as possible, but it should not look too sterile. It is best to leave a few personal items behind so that the photos retain their atmosphere. For example, put a nice colourful fruit bowl on the kitchen counter.

In addition, clean your home thoroughly. Make sure that there are no fingerprints on the mirrors and that the bathroom looks radiantly clean. It is also important to tidy up the front and back garden, remove weeds and unnecessary items. After all, the front of the house is the selling point, and this picture will always be at the forefront. Always check your house and see what small defects you can still solve before the photos are taken.

Create spaciousness

Potential viewers should fall in love with the house at first sight. Sufficient space often plays a major role in the sale. Therefore, remove some rugs for the photos, for example in the bathroom or by the sofa. Also remove things under the cupboards. The more the buyers see of the floor, the more spacious the rooms will seem.

Create an atmosphere

Do you have something special in your home that is not standard, such as a beautiful fireplace, stained glass or ceiling ornaments? Then this is a nice detail for the photos. It is a distinguishing factor and gives a unique addition to the house. Also put a nice flower on the table or in the kitchen, this will create extra atmosphere and colours in the house. In addition, luxury items sell better than cheaper versions. A cheap soap dispenser on the sink adds nothing, but it is important to have a more luxurious coffee machine in the kitchen.

Make sure there is enough light

Make sure all curtains, blinds and doors are open. This will create enough space and light in your home. In addition, choose a sunny day for the photo shoot. On a sunny day, your house and garden will look better on the photos. Sufficient light makes it easier for viewers to interpret a room. Between 10:00 and 14:00, you have the best light for interior photos.

We have already given many tips on how to best prepare your home before the photographer arrives. However, these tips are not only valid for the photos, these tips can also be used very well for the viewings. But what else is important during the viewings?

A warm welcome

A first impression of your property is extremely important. People should feel at home right away. You can compare it to the first impression when you enter a house in a holiday park. Would you want to spend a week here or not? Make sure, for example, that the bed is made up with attractive bed linen and that there are nice rolled-up towels in the bathroom. Spray a nice fragrance beforehand and then your house is ready for the viewings!

Hopefully these do's and don'ts will help you prepare your property for sale. Your property will look great in the photos and at the viewings. This way you are one step further in the sales process! For more examples of the photos we have taken, please take a look at our property portfolio.

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