Interior design

08-05-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The advantages of a home office
08-05-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Decorating your new home, this is how you do it
Decorating a new house is one of the most fun things to do, but it can also be tricky. Are you using your old furniture? Do they fit into the rooms ...
01-05-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
If you have just bought your own home, you obviously want it to be as well furnished as possible. It should be stylish as well as comfortable, so you have a lovely place to come home to ...
20-04-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
The advantages of an open kitchen
Open kitchens, kitchens without walls or partitions separating them from the rest of the house, have become increasingly popular in recent years. How nice is it to have contact with others while cooking?
17-04-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Replacing doors in your new home, here's what to look out for
06-03-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Where hospitality and interiors come together
As soon as you drive towards the Paleiskwartier from the A2 motorway, you immediately recognise the lifestyle hotel The Den. Located 3 kilometres from the Bossche Real Estate Office of vb&t Makelaars ...
25-01-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Tips: how does your property stand out to potential buyers?
Wondering how to make your property even more attractive to potential buyers? Then make sure you make small improvements ...
25-01-2023 Rik
Shapes in the dining area
Dining corners come in all shapes and sizes.
23-01-2023 Rik
What to look out for when buying window coverings?
Window coverings come in many shapes and sizes.
18-01-2023 Rik
Useful tips to optimally light a room and create a cosy atmosphere
Do you ever walk into a room and immediately feel a cosy atmosphere?
18-01-2023 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Heating your home with underfloor heating
Are you wondering how to save on underfloor heating as current energy prices rise? How does this work if you have underfloor heating?
29-12-2022 Rik
How to find the perfect sofa for your new home?
Nothing beats sitting back on a brand new sofa in your own home.
28-12-2022 Rik
Tips for decorating your new home
We lend a hand with some tips for decorating your new home.
20-12-2022 Rik
Three tips for suitable window decoration for your industrial bedroom
Do you have an industrial bedroom? Then it is not always easy to find the right window decoration to go with it.
17-12-2022 Rik
Having doormats made to measure
With a custom-made doormat, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful and functional addition for the hallway.
13-12-2022 Anne Fleur Kolthof
Into the new year with interior design tips!
What will your new year look like? Do you have any special, good resolutions? Like upgrading or styling your interiors.
30-11-2022 Rik
3 tips for cleaning your home
When you use some handy and very simple products to clean your home a few times a month, it is easier to keep it clean.
19-10-2022 Rik
Here's how to keep your rug like new
We have some tips to make sure your front dressing stays looking radiant and like new.
19-10-2022 Rik
5 ways to add greenery to your new home!
This can be done in several ways without spending too much money. Read these tips!
17-10-2022 Rik
History of the domestic clock
So how did these complicated machines come to be?
13-10-2022 Rik Feijen
Which clock will fit in my new home?
Which clock will fit in my new home?
27-09-2022 Rik
Furniture for your new home
There are many things to do to make a new house a home.
26-09-2022 Rik
The best tips to make your new home a comfortable place to live in
Many people do not realise how much the home affects your overall well-being.
21-09-2022 Rik
Tips and advice on insulating window decoration
You must have already realised that gas and energy bills are sky-high at the moment.
19-09-2022 Rik
You paint your wall like this
Are you ready for a change in, say, your living room?
24-06-2022 Rik
Choosing a rug for your home
Buying a rug is difficult. You have to consider the size, style, colour and material of your rug.
23-06-2022 Rik
How do you create a cosy and comfortable living room?
Here you can read some tips on how to turn the living room into the cosiest room in your house.
06-06-2022 Rik
Decorate your new home with vintage design cabinets
More and more often, we see that owners of vintage houses want to furnish their homes in a vintage style in order to enhance the atmosphere of the house.
06-06-2022 Rik
Decorating your house completely with second-hand items? It can be done!
You can also furnish your home with second-hand items and it doesn't have to be difficult at all. And what are the advantages?
03-05-2022 Rik
How do you furnish a newly built house?
You can use our tips when furnishing a newly built house!
05-04-2022 Elise Hees
How to create a stylish play corner in the living room?
How do you create a space without turning the entire living room upside down? We are happy to give you some tips and inspiration!
30-03-2022 Elise Hees
What are the garden trends of 2022?
The outdoor season has begun and it is time to slowly get the garden ready for summer. With these garden trends of 2022, you will soon be completely up-to-date
22-03-2022 Elise Hees
Tips for the perfect sales photo of your property
With these tips, you will score with your photos and increase the chances of an even quicker and better sale.
16-03-2022 Rik Feijen
Bringing the modern look into your garden
In this blog, we tell you how to bring this look into your garden.
10-03-2022 Elise Hees
More living space without moving or renovating!
Do you need extra living space? With 4 clever tips, you will have some freedom of movement again.
02-03-2022 Rik
Just bought a new house? How do you furnish your bedroom?
An exciting time has arrived. You have just bought a new house thanks to the Easie buying agent, but now the next leaden task begins.
09-02-2022 Rik
Living room styling with designer accents
Have you ever thought about a design coat rack or a design dining table?
08-02-2022 Rik
Design online furniture shops
If you are looking for something really special, it is a good idea to choose this provider.
26-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Trend alert - Wood blinds vs aluminium blinds: Which one suits my interior?
Are you talking about window decoration? Then you quickly think of blinds.
12-01-2022 Rik Feijen
Get your house ready for sale
Are you thinking about selling your house? Then it is useful to have some tips on what you can do in advance.
09-12-2021 Elise Hees
Do you want to sell your house? Read the do's and dont's for the perfect pictures here!
Check these do's and don'ts before the photographer arrives and who knows, your house might be sold in no time by the perfect photos.
10-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Like clockwork at home...
The clock may have a dusty image by now, but that is absolutely not true!
03-11-2021 Rik Feijen
Home accessories Sissy-Boy
Is your house ready for an interior upgrade? At Sissy-Boy you are at the right place for all your interior items.
26-10-2021 Rik Feijen
The best tips for furnishing your mobile home
The mobile home is gaining popularity, but why is this?
27-09-2021 Rik Feijen
Customised curtains or blackout blinds
Curtains, what are they for? First of all, curtains are meant to keep the light out.
18-08-2021 Rik Feijen
How can I increase the value of my property?
If you want to make sure that you can ask a better price for your property, we have some tips for you so that your property will be worth more when you sell it.
19-05-2021 Rik Feijen
Heating your pool
Nowadays, more and more people, have a pool in their garden in the summer.
07-04-2021 Rik Feijen
Artificial grass in the garden is becoming increasingly common
Many of us know the benefits of artificial turf. It provides a healthy and attractive turf for a backyard or lawn.
30-06-2020 Rik Feijen
26-05-2020 Rik Feijen
21-03-2020 Rik Feijen
18-04-2019 Rik Feijen

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