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Energy label of houses within the expat housing market

Expats find comfort and sustainability increasingly important. Rightly so, because the energy label of a house plays a crucial role in the decision whether or not to buy a property. Especially for this target group, we offer assistance in the complicated buying process, whereby we can give the right advice in the current housing market, initially even free of charge.

Energy label A or B

The trend we can no longer ignore anno 2024. You may find these homes in our current housing offer. Check the energy label so you know what next steps to take. After all, it does not indicate how sustainable the house is for nothing. Label G = very inefficient and label A very economical. It indicates how future-proof the house is. Are you looking for a label A++++ energy-efficient home? Then contact vb&t Nieuwbouw Makelaars.


Do you value low energy bills, living comfort and an ecological footprint? Then we advise you to pay close attention to the energy label. In the long run, you will definitely experience the worthwhile benefits.

Benefits of a good energy label?

Here we give you an insight into the advantages of a high energy label (A, B).

Lower energy costs: these houses are well insulated and often have energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. As a result, you save significantly on energy bills.

Living comfort: in the sense of a constant temperature due to good insulation and advanced heating and cooling technologies. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate in your home, whatever the weather.

Higher market value: Energy-efficient homes are becoming increasingly popular, we notice as estate agents in the Helmond, Eindhoven and 's Hertogenbosch region.

We increasingly get questions about the benefits of high energy labels as a buying agent, as these homes have a higher market value.

Limited dependence on energy suppliers

Stuck with a supplier with the fixed main price? No, with an energy label, the property is often equipped with solar panels or other systems to provide renewable energy, reducing dependence on traditional suppliers.

Opportunities for subsidies?

Subsidies and financial schemes are often available when making homes more sustainable. To find out more, please refer to our mortgage partner Freek Hypotheek.

Better air quality

Energy-efficient homes often have a good ventilation system. This ensures good air quality, which incidentally contributes to your health.

Lower energy label: now what?

You can make your home more sustainable. After all, there are financial options that make it easier for a reason. In the Netherlands, buyers can get an extra mortgage for energy-saving measures. Want to know how much you can borrow extra? Then we would like to refer you to our mortgage partner Freek Hypotheek.

Smart move: upgrade a low energy label

See a property that meets your housing needs? Then use the opportunity to borrow extra money to make this home more sustainable. You keep the focus on sustainability and the value of your home increases, and you contribute to making our world a more sustainable place.

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