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Flooring trends 2023: which floor to choose for your home?

Although 2023 has been a while, it is still not too late to look at various trends for your home. For example, are you planning tobuya home or are you having a new build built? Or do you want to tackle your existing home in terms of interiors? Then look carefully at your choice of flooring in your new home.

This is because there are some very interesting flooring trends to look out for this year that are not only trendy and popular now, but also for years to come. How about PVC wood-look or a concrete floor? You can read more about them in this article.

PVC wood-look floors are totally hip

One of the flooring trends that really cannot be ignored is that of PVC wood-look floors. The big advantage of such PVC floors is that they look exactly like real wood floors, but are much cheaper and easier to maintain.

In other words, you enjoy a beautiful and stylish floor without spending too much money and time on it. The ideal combination!

When you choose a PVC wood-look floor, you can choose from many different colours and price ranges. If you take care of the floor properly, you can use it for years.

Moreover, it is possible to install underfloor heating under a PVC floor; something we see more and more often in new houses. Choose a beautiful herringbone PVC floor or go for a dark wood-look floor. The choice is vast.

Choose a floor made of cork

Looking for a floor that really catches the eye? Then a floor made of cork tiles might be for you. Cork is a material we have been seeing more and more in homes in recent years.

This is not surprising, as it is a multifunctional material with which you can do so much. For example, the look of a cork floor goes well with different rooms scattered around the house.

For example, it is a good match for a modern interior where many natural tones are used, such as beige, dark green and earthy red. You can also use the material well in a more sleek interior, an interior with vintage furniture and a country interior.

The advantage of cork is that it feels comfortable on your feet and retains heat. You will notice this in your energy bill, as it will save you a lot of energy by reducing your heating costs.

Concrete floor as a modern addition to interiors

Just like the floors above, it is impossible to imagine modern houses without concrete floors. Concrete floors are a must-have especially in new houses. They are easy to maintain, look sleek and stylish and can be used in different types of rooms.

Due to the smooth finish of concrete, bacteria do not get a chance, which ensures that such a floor is also extremely hygienic.

The nice thing about concrete floors is that they are available in different types. For example, choose a flattened concrete floor for a tough look. This kind of floor is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

A terrazzo concrete floor is very cool in the living room, study or bedroom. Poly concrete is also recommended if you want to go for that typical industrial look.

Laminate floors remain the timeless trend

Finally, a word about laminate floors. These floors are actually always popular and remain timeless.

Whereas PVC floors such as PVC wood-look have only grown in popularity in recent years, laminate floors remain 'in fashion' as they have always been. The big advantage of laminate is that you have the look and feel of hardwood flooring in your home for a good price.

In fact, compared to real wood, laminate is very affordable and that while you still have a lot of choice in looks. What is also nice about laminate is that it is suitable for different types of rooms in your home, including kitchens and bedrooms.

With the right maintenance, laminate, just like PVC wood-look floors, will stay beautiful for years, so you are doing something sustainable as well. This is another combination that makes most people very happy.

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