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Name change vb&t makelaardij

We are very pleased to announce that the name of our brokerage department will change. We have chosen to stop working with ERA at the end of this year. From January 2021 onwards we will continue under our own steam under the familiar name vb&t Makelaars. With a new name goes of course a new corporate identity. A style that fits our vb&t organization. An organization that has been a reliable partner in the field of real estate services for 50 years.

In the coming weeks, all communications such as billboards, outdoor advertising and advertisements will be adjusted. As of January 1, we will only be visible with our own brand vb&t in combination with the new modern corporate identity. With our new corporate identity, we want to reach a broad target group, both on a business and a private level. When it comes to the private market, it concerns the purchase and sale of a home and/or the purchase and/or lease of a newly built apartment. With our new look and working method, we want to be as accessible as possible for this target group and in terms of marketing, be present on the market as much as possible!

In the first quarter of 2021 this new corporate identity will also be implemented in the rest of the vb&t companies. So you will be hearing from us with some regularity!

We believe in the power of our vb&t brand and will continue to build and innovate on it in the future! We are looking forward to a fresh and new year with plenty of opportunities and challenges.

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