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New building projects in Eindhoven

Are you planning to buy a home and do you want to know which new construction projects in Eindhoven will be completed soon? Eindhoven is a fun and vibrant city to live in. The city has a lot of living pleasure, culture and relaxation to offer and is therefore very popular for people who are looking for a house to buy. In this article we describe a few new-build projects in Eindhoven where you could find a really nice home. If you want to know more about new construction projects in Eindhoven, please read on.

6 New build projects in Eindhoven

The Bunker Tower in the centre

If you like a phenomenal view, you will probably want to get a flat in the top of the Bunkertoren. This modern designed residential tower is the highest building in Eindhoven and has no less than 52 floors. The Bunkertoren combines living and working. The lower floors are freely accessible and are intended for high-tech start-ups, meetings and relaxation. On the higher floors, 85 flats with large balconies overlooking the city will be built for families, starters and young professionals.

Waldschap in Meerhoven

If you prefer peace and quiet and greenery, you can also buy a house in the new construction project Waldschap. This new-build project is located in the Meerhoven district, in the Bosrijk neighbourhood. Of all the new-build projects in Eindhoven, this one is the most special. Green and sustainability play a central role in this district, and the homes are completely attuned to nature and the environment. In this project, 48 owner-occupied houses are being built with bamboo facades and an unobstructed view of nature. The homes in the Waldschap project are built with sustainable materials and according to an environmentally friendly building method.

Donna in Strijp-S

If you are looking for special new-build projects in Eindhoven, you will certainly appreciate the Donna project in the heart of Strijp-S. Strijp-S is a vibrant area with many high-tech start-ups, entertainment venues and modern housing. Donna is a modern designed building that combines living and working, just like the Bunkertoren. The lower part of the building is reserved for offices and commercial space, and the top four floors contain 34 residential lofts that you can arrange entirely yourself, with a kitchen as the central hub. The units are delivered with underfloor heating and cooling as well as solar-control glazing.

Don Bosco Church in the Herbs neighbourhood

The Don Bosco church has been a striking building in the Herbs neighbourhood for years. In this former church, 17 houses for sale are now being realised, each of which will have its own character while retaining as many characteristic elements of the former church as possible. A large flat will be realised in the Vieringtoren and a penthouse with high windows and ceilings on the third floor.

The Bosbad in Meerhoven

Meerhoven is known for its tranquillity and greenery, where the houses rise out of the landscape like statues in a sculpture garden. Especially for people who are looking for these aspects in living, there is the new-build project Bosbad. Around this new construction project, a piece of new forest is being laid out so that in the not too distant future, you will be living entirely in greenery. From the balcony terrace of your flat, you can then enjoy a beautiful view of the wooded surroundings. The building will be completed with 20 spacious flats that will feel light and spacious because of their large glass facades. The flats in the Bosbad complex will be delivered with underfloor heating, luxury sanitary facilities and a gas-free energy system for a low energy bill.

Koning Arthurlaan in Woensel

If you are looking for a nice house to buy for a family, then the new construction project on the Koning Arthurlaan in Woensel might be something for you. Twenty single-family dwellings are being built here with spacious back gardens and a parking court. The homes in this new-build project have a contemporary character and a spacious attic. You can also decide on the layout of the floors yourself. In addition, the homes will be delivered with underfloor heating, a heat pump and they will be fully insulated so that you will have low heating costs.

The neighbourhood has many playgrounds for children, there is a shopping centre nearby and there are good public transport and car connections.

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