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Smoke detectors mandatory from 1 July 2022!

With the forthcoming change in the law, it will become compulsory to equip all homes with smoke detectors in the escape routes in order to reduce the number of victims of house fires. What do these new laws and regulations mean in practice? What requirements must smoke detectors meet? And in which rooms should they be installed?

Current requirements of the Buildings Decree 2012
Currently, there is a requirement for smoke detectors in newly built houses/buildings with a residential function. These smoke detectors must be installed in accordance with NEN 2555. This requirement also applies when the function of an existing building is changed to a residential function. In short, smoke detectors must be present in the traffic routes from an occupied area to the exit of the house.

Requirements for a NEN 2555 smoke detector

  • The smoke detector must have a CE mark.

  • The smoke detector must be connected to mains current (230V).

  • The smoke detector must have a secondary energy supply (battery).

  • The smoke detector must be connectable if, for example due to the size of the home, the required sound levels (65dB in living areas, 75dB in bedrooms) are not met.

Upcoming change in the law
From now on, it will be compulsory to equip existing dwellings with smoke detectors. This change in the law will come into effect on 1 July 2022. From that moment on, smoke detectors must be installed. In short, each storey of a residential function with a domestic area or an area through which an escape route leads, between the exit of the domestic area and the exit of the dwelling, must have a smoke detector that complies with EN 14604.

Requirements for an EN 14604 smoke detector

  • This smoke detector must also have a CE mark.

  • The smoke detector does not need to be connected to mains electricity (230V).

  • The smoke detector may be powered by a battery (9V) or by a battery with a longer service life.

  • It is not necessary to connect the smoke detectors together.

  • There are no requirements for the sound level to be produced.

Most important points of attention
Choice of smoke detector
There are many different smoke detectors on the market, but not every one meets the requirements. It is important that the smoke detector has a CE mark. Although a 9V battery is sufficient, a maintenance-free version with a battery that lasts 10 years can also be chosen. A mains connection (230V) is not compulsory!

Smoke detector installation
If a house has several floors, a smoke detector should be installed on each floor with an occupied room. In addition, each room through which the traffic route/escape route runs should be equipped with a smoke detector.

Roomelders situatiePlease note! If the attic is open to the staircase, you should install a detector in the attic as well. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when fitting the smoke detector.

Would you like more information about the installation of smoke detectors? The vb&t Fire Safety & Environment team will be happy to assist you.

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