Housing market Rik 2 mei 2022

A handyman project can be worth the investment

For a well-maintained house in a big city, you may have to pay a high price in this busy housing market. If you don't want that and you have two right hands and a family that likes to put in an extra right hand, you might consider buying a fixer-upper. A project that requires the necessary attention and time, but has the potential to become a gem.

Before buying a poorly maintained property, you should consider the risks carefully. Have a thorough building survey done to prevent major building damage. After all, you don't want to buy a pig in a poke, while hidden defects are always lurking. There are also opportunities when it is possible to change the destination of a property. For example, old warehouses may not be interesting at first because they can only be used for business activities. A good discussion with a building consultant and a civil servant can open up the possibility of converting a commercial property into a residential use.

Refurbishment plan

Once you have decided to buy, it is important to stick strictly to the building plan and budget, as well as the time you want to invest in it. Those who have been keeping an eye on the materials market recently will know that they have risen sharply in the last two years. So buy your products and materials at the beginning of your project, because the chance that there will be a sharp fall in prices on the raw materials market in the short term is very small.

Work safely

If you have set yourself a certain deadline to complete a project, don't fall into the trap of rushing things. If you do, you are more likely to work less safely. For both indoor and outdoor work, it is best to buy a mobile scaffold or a room scaffold so that you can work stably and safely. For a major renovation, an investment in scaffolding is something you will enjoy in the long term.


If you are someone who is less good at planning, you can put up a timeline on the building floor, which you can cross off or turn green for each part. After all, time is money. Don't be put off by minor setbacks either, because they are always there. Don't go rummaging around on your own too much either, but always ask for helping hands that not only make the work easier but also bring expertise and motivation. Sometimes a small useful tool such as a household ladder with three steps can help. After all, you don't want John Williams from Help My Husband is a Handyman to end up having to come and visit with his team to get the job done.


These days, there are also plenty of opportunities in the field of sustainability. There are various possibilities for subsidies, both at governmental and municipal level. In addition, sustainable and gas-free renovation is a contemporary challenge to take up. In your renovation plan, consider all sustainable options, such as installing solar panels, underfloor heating and a heat pump. If you plan to sell a sustainably renovated house, a zero energy house will be a unique selling point.

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