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Benefits of dry risers in high-rise buildings

With a dry riser, the fire brigade has access to sufficient water on each floor.

For many people, a fire is one of their worst nightmares. Especially in an apartment building, there is naturally an increased risk of fire, because several people live there and there are also several kitchens in a building, for example. To keep the risk of fire as low as possible and to make sure that the right measures are taken in the field of fire safety, there are numerous rules and laws in the Netherlands that indicate which measures need to be taken for each building.

Of course, the type of building is also a determining factor. For example, it is compulsory to have dry risers in high-rise buildings such as offices and flats. Dry risers are located on every floor of a building and ensure that, in the event of a fire on a higher floor, the fire brigade has sufficient water available to bring the starting fire under control. A dry riser is not a substitute for other extinguishing equipment, such as fire hoses or powder extinguishers.

Periodic inspections of dry risers are required by law

A fire main is, of course, rarely used and a thorough inspection is therefore necessary to ensure that it functions properly when used. It can, for example, happen that dirt ends up in the extinguishing line or even that birds build a nest in one of the lines. To ensure that this is discovered in time and that no blockages occur in the pipes, an annual inspection is mandatory.

This consists of an inspection by eye, but also of cleaning the pipes by, for example, pumping air through the extinguishing pipes to remove stuck dirt. Upon installation and once every five years thereafter, a major test must take place anyway, during which pressurised water is pumped through the pipes.

A fire protection company helps with the advice and installation of the extinguishers

In most residential blocks of flats, the funds of the owners' association are used to provide for dry riser maintenance and the fire safety of the building. A fire protection company is often engaged to provide advice and install the necessary equipment and measures.

A number of things are taken into consideration here. First and foremost, the most fire-safe situation for the residents, but also possible requirements of the insurer and legal obligations are taken into account in the advice of the fire protection company.

In most cases, these companies work on a contract basis and after installation of fire extinguishers and dry risers, a maintenance contract is concluded, whereby the fire protection company periodically inspects everything. In many cases the equipment present is also certified.

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