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Decorating your house completely with second-hand items? It can be done!

Have you just bought a house and are you going to move? Then you have probably already spent enough money on the purchase of your house and everything that comes with it. So you'd rather save as much as possible on other things. Or maybe you want to sustainable choices Or maybe you want to make more and not buy new things and give as many things a second life as possible. But you do want your new house to look different from your current one and you just feel like a new start. If you have increased in size, you will also need more stuff to fill the space. An extra guest bed or closet space to store things, that can quickly become a burden. You can also furnish your home with second-hand items and it doesn't have to be difficult. And what are the advantages?

Furniture with a story

For some people, the word "second-hand" has a negative connotation. It must mean cheap, old junk that is better off going to landfill. But nothing could be further from the truth. You can also buy vintage design You can also buy vintage furniture. These are often beautiful authentic pieces with a great story behind them. It certainly doesn't just have to be an IKEA cabinet that has been in a student room for years. By choosing second-hand design furniture, you can decorate your home in a unique way. Often there is only one item of that furniture, or a limited edition, so you are assured of a rather unique interior. Moreover, behind that beautiful lamp or that unique painting, there may be a beautiful family story. If you buy these kinds of design items second-hand, don't forget to ask about the story behind them.

New kitchen for a fraction of the price

Is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? Then you probably don't think of installing a second-hand copy. But kitchens can also be reused. Before you run to the kitchen shop, take a look around to see if you can find a kitchen you can reuse. You'll need a little more luck here. A kitchen is often made to measure, which gives you less flexibility than having it designed. So you'll have to be lucky to find a kitchen that fits your home. But a lick of paint or new handles can make an old kitchen look like new again.

Getting started with the cleaning supplies

Don't be put off by what some second-hand items look like. Just like when you go to see a house that has not been decorated at all to your taste or that has holes in the ceiling: you have to be able to look through it. Because underneath that layer of dust or that big stain, there might be that little gem you've been looking for. You can thoroughly clean furniture yourself or even have it cleaned. That way, you can make sure they look like new again.

Not a dime a dozen

If you buy your furniture at a large furniture mall or the better-known online shops, you can be sure that you are not the only one with that interior. If you choose for second-hand items then your furnishing will be much more unique and fit your own personality.

Do it yourself

You can also give your own furniture a second life. That beautiful armchair that you had been looking forward to for a while, but which still feels great? Instead of replacing it, you can also choose to have it re-upholstered. Put a rug over the sofa and turn it into a new one. Take a critical look at your current stuff and get creative before you throw everything out. A lick of paint can also do wonders for an old wooden dining table. That way, you have an afternoon filled with a fun activity.

Where to look

Second-hand shopping can be a bit more work than buying the same item new. You often have to negotiate about the price, pick up the items from someone's home or scour the flea markets and thrift shops every weekend for that one little gem. All of which take up more of your time than walking into a shop, picking out a sofa and having it delivered. Yet it is worth putting in the time and energy. It will save you a lot of money and after a while you will get the hang of it.

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