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Energy neutral living

You have probably heard of it: an energy-neutral house. Without paying for energy, you can still enjoy all the luxuries. Sounds good, but how can you live energy-neutral and what do you have to do to achieve this? We give you some tips to make your home more energy efficient.

Did you know that...

...15% of all energy is used in homes?

...The Netherlands has the ambition to be energy-neutral in 2050?

...every new home built will be virtually energy-neutral by 2020?

What is an energy-neutral home?

An energy-neutral house consumes as much energy as it generates. The term energy-neutral is often confused with the term self-sufficient. The difference between these two forms of living is that a self-sufficient house does not only generate its own energy. The house is completely disconnected from the energy network. By storing energy, sufficient energy can still be used during the winter months.

Saving energy in your own home

For many households, an energy-neutral home is still a long way off. In many cases, you will have to take the following measures:

  • Good insulation of your home (roof, walls, floor)

  • Triple glazing or HR++

  • Ventilation system with a heat recovery system

  • A heating system that works via a heat pump or solar boiler

  • Solar panels to generate electricity

  • Measuring devices to provide insight into how much electricity you consume and generate.

Want to find out how you can save energy at home? Then use the energy saving explorer of the RVO. This way you can see exactly which measures are necessary and what the effect is.

Saving privately Savings professionals

Energy neutral renovation

Would you like to renovate and make your home energy-neutral? There are two ways to do this.

  • Do it all at once

  • Renovating your home in a step-by-step energy-neutral manner

Of course, everything depends on your personal situation. Do you already live in the house, or do you have a certain period of time when you want to renovate? Do you have enough money available and what is the condition of your home? You know the answers to all these questions.

The advantage of doing everything at once is the guarantee that you will live energy-neutral after the renovation. More and more parties are offering this guarantee. With the step-by-step approach, you can make costs when something really needs to be replaced.

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