Interior design Rik 9 februari 2022

Living room styling with designer accents

Nowadays, you can make your living room exactly the way you want it. Anything is possible and there are a lot of design accents available to make your living room just the way you want it. Have you ever thought about a design coat rack or a design dining table? They immediately give the whole living room a different look and a boost.

The coat rack has become more than just a piece of furniture

Take something like a design coat rack. A coat rack has become a piece of furniture in its own right. It is much more than just some hooks on the wall, if that is what you want. In any case, you don't have to be satisfied with a normal coat stand anymore. Much more is possible. You have the modern and fashionable coat rack in many different styles, made of various materials and in various designs. Do you want a coat rack against the wall or do you prefer a standing one? You do not even have to use a design coat stand for hanging coats or scarves. You can also simply place them as an eye-catcher in the living room. You can even use special lighting to highlight the striking coat rack.

Can be used more widely than just in the living room

By the way, a design coat rack can be used for more than just the living room. Nowadays, you also see them in the bedroom, the bathroom and in the hall of the house, of course. Another increasingly important piece of furniture is the design dining table. The dining table is a very important table in every home. You eat at the dining table, you read the newspaper and it is not unusual for everyday things to be discussed at the dining table.

You also have a lot to choose from when it comes to the dining table.

Also when it comes to the dining table, nowadays you can make exactly the choice you have in your mind. And again, the dining room is more than just a practical table. The dining table is almost always the eye-catcher, and that in any interior. Again, you can choose from different types of material and sizes. When choosing a dining table, do consider the lighting. It should be both functional and atmospheric. After all, you read the newspaper there, but in the evening, bright light is less attractive. You could opt for smart lighting, for example. Then you can adjust the light to suit the occasion. And that is often exactly what you are looking for.

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