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Outdoor sun protection: the trends of 2022 at a glance

Would you like to know more about the latest trends in outdoor sunprotection? Then this article is the right place for you. It can be quite difficult to choose the right awning for your garden. After all, there is an infinite amount of choice. If you want to keep up with the trends, you can go for one of the options below. We have listed the trends for 2022 for you.

A pergola

Pergola sun protection A pergola is ideal for when you're looking for more shade in your garden. A pergola consists of a solid construction of beams. Often made of wood or another material such as aluminium. The advantage of this construction is that, compared to other types of awnings, it is not very sensitive to weather conditions. It will not easily be damaged by storms.

The basic construction of a pergola is often supplemented by a sunshade or sun cloth. And do you like an extra green touch in your garden? Then you can also consider having your pergola covered with plants. You often see pergolas with a grape or a climbing rose which has climbed up to it and created a cosy leafy roof.

A veranda

Another type of sun protection which is very popular these days and which is often compared to the pergola is a veranda. What makes a veranda unique is that the space can be closed off and that you can still keep the garden feeling. Closing it off is an advantage because you can then use your seat the whole year round. Even when the temperature outside is not pleasant enough.

A sunshade

What can also be a suitable form of sunprotection is a awning. There are several variants of this. The biggest difference between them is in the control of the screen. It can be controlled manually or electrically.

With an electric sunshade, you need worry less about damage caused by weather conditions. This is because it is often possible to use a wind sensor. This sensor measures how strong the wind is blowing and automatically retracts the screen if necessary.


Screens are another popular type of sun protection you could go for. Screens are often compared to roller blinds. They are a kind of sturdy roller blinds that are attached to the outside of the house. They are ideally suited to keep out the sun and even keep the house cool when it's hot outside.

The handy thing about screens is that they insulate very well. This way you have less trouble inside with the temperature change outside. In the winter it tends to stay warm inside and cool on a hot summer day. In the long run, this also means less energy costs. That is a nice bonus and makes it worth the investment.

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