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The cost, purchase and installation of a stairlift in the home: what are the implications for interiors and wallets?

If you have a medical condition, are getting older or have suffered an injury and therefore have mobility problems, you may find it difficult to walk up and down the stairs in your home. For this reason, stairlifts offer many benefits that will make life safer, easier and more comfortable for people with mobility problems.

However,stairlifts come in many shapes and sizes, can be rented and bought and can also be fitted in your home in different ways. In this blog, we will therefore explain all about stairlifts and their impact on your interior and wallet.

Rent or buy a stairlift?

As just mentioned, there are many reasons to have a stairlift installed in your home. However, it can be rented, but it can also be bought permanently. You would be well advised to rent a stairlift if you need temporary rehabilitation and cannot or should not climb stairs properly until then. However, will the recovery period take longer than two years? Then it is advisable to buy a stairlift, as you will save costs in the long run and also enjoy the benefits of your stairlift for a long time.

The cost of a stairlift

What does a stairlift cost? Before you buy a stairlift, you will of course want to know the price tag involved. The price depends on the type of stairlifts, such as a second-hand stairlift or, conversely, a brand new one. In some cases, second-hand stairlifts are often still as good as new, having served for temporary use. It may also be the case that elements from another stairlift are used for your new stairlift. As a result, there are significant differences between new and second-hand stairlifts in terms of their price. Sometimes there is also a stairlift fee to cover part of the cost.

Stairlifts installation

The price of stairlifts also differs based on how it is installed in the home. A simple stairlift is installed on a straight staircase, making it the cheapest solution. This is followed by the single-bend staircase option, which are trickier to install than stairlifts used for a straight staircase. Are there several bends in the stairs? Then the cost is a bit higher. The most expensive installation is when the stairlift is installed on the spindle side of the stairs. However, a major advantage of a stairlift on the spindle side of the stairs is that you can still walk on the side of the stairs. So if you live with a partner, this can be a decisive motivation to buy this type of stairlift.

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