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Tips for the perfect sales photo of your property

Even though your house will sell itself almost automatically in this tight market, you are always looking for the best deal. The chance of getting that deal is increased by paying serious attention to the photos that sell your house. With these tips, you will score with your photos and increase the chances of an even quicker and better sale.

Tip 1: Go for tidy

It is important for potential buyers that they see themselves living in your house. Evoking that feeling is difficult when there are all kinds of personal things visible in the house. Think of photos, drawings of the children or postcards for your recently departed partner. This applies not only to the living room, but also to the other rooms. Children's rooms that are full of home-made crafts and structures make the room not only cluttered, but also too personal. While you are tidying up, take a critical look around you. If you see any other objects that are cluttered, such as a wastebasket, toys in the living room, the dog's basket or an overflowing laundry basket, it's best to temporarily relocate them, too.

Tip 2: Do a clean sweep

The photos of your house, which will be used for the sale, are made by the estate agent. With his experience, he has a lot of experience in making the perfect picture. The right angle, the most beautiful light and the best spots in the house. But you can also do a lot yourself to make the best picture possible. And that starts with cleaning. You want your house to be shown in spic and span on the various sales sites. For you, that means that you have to have seen every corner of your house. You won't see a cloud of dust, cobwebs or crumbs lying around. Don't forget the windows. It's a bit of work, but once you've done it, it's just a matter of keeping track of when viewers arrive.

Tip 3: Go for luxury

For the photo, it is important to pay attention to details. What do you leave in place and what do you take out. Which accessories or parts make it extra interesting for the potential buyer to come and have a look? Everyone wants value for money and preferably a bit more. So the more luxurious you can make the appearance of your home, the more interesting it becomes for the potential buyer. A whirlpool bath in the bathroom, an inventive extractor fan by your kitchen island, a beautiful gas fire in the garden. These are the parts you want to make stand out. Make sure they are not snowed under and underexposed by empty accessories. Also avoid broken and worn items. Repair them, put them out of sight or throw them away.

Tip 4: Create spaciousness

The estate agent knows very well how to make a room look bigger. You can contribute to this by getting rid of a few things. The less stuff in a room, the bigger it seems. Empty the kitchen sink as much as possible, as well as the sideboard and the dining room table. Go through them room by room and remove all unnecessary items. Do you have rugs in the rooms? Give them a temporary change as well. You will see for yourself that the room without rug suddenly seems a lot bigger.

It is important that the potential buyer can feel at home in your home. Keep that in mind the moment you walk through your home and start restyling it.

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