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What are moveable assets? What is involved in taking over a house

Selling or buying a home involves more than you initially thought. You have to deal with an offer, the negotiations and signing the purchase contract. However, there are also movable property. You have often seen the house when there are still things in it and this has created a certain feeling. However, the furniture is not just sold to you. There are a number of items that can be included in the acquisition of a house. You should therefore inform yourself about these things so that you know exactly what to expect and also know what costs are involved.

The difference between movable and immovable property

Movable property has nothing to do with the furniture. That beautiful dining table, that sturdy sofa and the unique sideboard will never belong to your home. There are, however, things that will belong to it. Here you must make a distinction between immovable and movable property. The immovable property is always part of it. It is the ownership of the plot with the house and all other parts of the house. Everything that is attached to the house. Also the things that are necessary to live in a house, such as the roof tiles, belong to the house.

Make arrangements for the sale

Movable property is never a standard part of the sale of a house. This is because these are the things that are not fixed. So you don't have to demolish anything to move them. These can be pieces of furniture, but also floors and window decorations. When the floor is glued down, this belongs again to movable property. Because there is often a lot of confusion about this, a list of movable items is often drawn up. The estate agent gives a form to the seller which must be filled in. Here the items can be indicated which are taken away and left behind by the seller. This makes it possible to agree with the buyer what is included in the acquisition of a house. Without these agreements you will get a bare house.

Some examples of movable property

The estate agent can always advise on movable property. This is because he has a better idea of what can be taken over by the buyer and can also discuss everything with the buyer. The most common items that are taken over by the buyer are the floors, awnings, kitchen appliances, white goods, lamps, mailbox and doorbell. In some cases, bathroom accessories, such as a shower curtain or towel rack, and the flagpole are also listed. After all, these are items that are often going to be purchased new for a new home to redecorate. However, as a buyer, you are not obligated to take these items over.

Take a good look at what you are taking with you

Both the buyer and the seller can use some tips. First, the tips for the seller. It is advisable to check in advance what you can possibly take with you to the new house. It may be that you have already taken over movable property in the new house. It is then convenient if you can leave certain things behind. This also saves you a lot of time because you don't have to remove the floor from the house and you can ask extra money for the house. After all, the floor does not have to be given away for free to the buyers of your old home.

Take custom work with you to the new house

You can also start looking at what you can still use in the home. There are certain things that are probably specially made to measure. Roller blinds are a good example. If it is the same size, you can take it with you to the new house. If you can also reuse your flooring, you'll also save yourself a lot of money. After all, you don't have to buy it again. All the things you can sell for a reasonable price will bring in a certain amount of money, which you can put into your new home. You should therefore always make a good consideration before you start negotiating with the buyer.

Make the same decisions as the buyer

For the buyer, tips can also be drawn up for moveable property. It may be wise to take over certain items from the seller. Despite the fact that it is second hand stuff, it can still last for years. It is also often much cheaper than buying everything new. The customization, however, remains difficult. You really need to have the right sizes, otherwise it won't be much use to you. Make sure you measure everything, so you can decide whether to take it with you or have it taken over by your buyer. Here too, it is true that you should also look at what can still bring in money or what you can quickly get rid of. Having to take everything with you in the end will only make it stand in the way.

By preparing yourself well for the movable property you can always see what you are going to take over and what you are going to sell.

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