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What is Funda in Business?

Funda is without a doubt the largest housing site in the Netherlands. Most people know it as a website where you can search for a nice house to buy. But Funda also offers opportunities for the business market. On Funda in Business you can find all kinds of different business premises, from shops to religious buildings and from factories to sports fields. So if you are looking for real estate for your company, take a look at Funda in Business.

How did Funda in Business start?

Funda was founded in 2001 as a cooperation project of the NVM and Wegener Uitgeverij. At first the website was especially meant to publish the supply of houses of NVM brokers. The website quickly became popular, which led to irritation among competing companies who filed complaints with the competition authority NMa. They did so on the grounds that the website was private and they did not have access to it. Their complaint was never upheld, but shortly afterwards Funda was opened up to all estate agents, even if they were not members of the NVM. In the early days, both houses and business premises were published on the same website. But for the findability and due to the increasing supply, it was later decided to offer all commercial real estate separately on Funda in Business.

What can you do with Funda in Business?

Funda in Business is the largest platform in the Netherlands for commercial property. You will find a wide range of business properties which are offered by different commercial parties. If you are an entrepreneur looking for accommodation for your company, you can use Funda in Business. You can find among others office buildings, business premises, shop premises, garage boxes, building plots, business premises with an agricultural destination, religious buildings, educational institutions, sports grounds and practice rooms.

If you are an estate agent or if you want to sell real estate for businesses in any other way, you can advertise your properties on Funda in Business by publishing your offer on the website. On Funda in Business you can also learn a lot about the business property market, such as information about transactions and projects, and which properties are currently popular and at what price they are sold. You can then use this information to make strategic decisions regarding your real estate.

How does Funda in Business work?

Just like Funda for individuals the search for a business property on Funda in Business is free. The website is paid for by real estate brokers and other parties who pay to have their real estate published on the website. How much you have to pay to place a business property on Funda depends on all the information you want to add to the object. You pay a fixed amount per property and for all extra's like floor plans, videos or 3D tours you have to pay more. You can also pay more for a better position in the search results. If you are an estate agent, you can also show client reviews or information about your business to companies looking for a property in a particular region.

As a company you can also advertise in other ways on Funda in business, for example with banners on prominent places on the website that are shown to a specific target group. This way of advertising is also interesting for companies that do not offer business premises, but related products or services, such as companies that sell office furniture or banks that offer financing.

Funda in Business, the number one for business real estate

Funda in Business is not only interesting for companies who are looking for a new business property, but also for parties who want to offer business real estate. The website receives more than 600,000 searches per month and has an average of 27,000 business objects. In addition, Funda in Business is well known and has a large market share, so it offers a wealth of relevant market information, such as which types of property are frequently searched for and in what region.

Funda in Business is therefore the best platform for everyone involved in the commercial property market.

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