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What to do about too high a WOZ value?

Every property has a WOZ value, whether it is a private house or a business premises. WOZ is the abbreviation for "Valuation of Immovable Property". It is a term that refers to the valuation of homes in the Netherlands. This valuation is done by the municipality to decide how much tax a person will pay on their property. However, you may find that the WOZ value is incorrect because it is too high. You might just accept the WOZ value, which means you will spend too much money on different types of taxes. This is because the WOZ value affects your property tax, income tax, heritage tax and more. So it is important to have the correct WOZ value so that you do not pay too much tax. What can you do if you disagree with the WOZ value? You can WOZ objection file! Read on to find out what you can do about a WOZ value that is too high.

Recalculate the WOZ value

You can recalculate the WOZ. The WOZ value is calculated based on various aspects, such as market value, characteristics of the property, prices of houses in the neighbourhood, etc. You could calculate the WOZ value yourself or at least make an estimate based on those aspects. This way, you will get an idea of whether the WOZ value of your property is actually too high. Do you disagree with the WOZ value? You can file an objection with the municipality. There are several companies that can help you file an objection in the right way. For example, you can Objection free of charge to support you in this process. These experts know exactly how to file a WOZ objection and what procedures are involved.

Request a valuation report from your municipality

You can request a valuation report from your municipality. Through the appraisal report you can see in detail what the WOZ value of your house is and how it was calculated. You can then compare this valuation with the WOZ value you calculated with the help of an advisor. That way you can see the difference and which things make the value different. You can request the valuation report yourself or with the help of a professional. Of course, it is advisable to do it with the help of a professional. Moreover, you can calmly wait for the tax advisor to finish the job.

File an objection

It is important to file an objection. This way, you can challenge the WOZ value and ensure that it is hopefully reduced. Filing an objection can be a complicated process that can take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, get help from a professional. They know the procedures and everything involved. They know exactly what to do to increase the chances of success. An expert in this field knows the processes of filing an objection and everything that comes with it. In addition, they know how to increase the chances of success. So you can be sure that you will have the best chance of your objection being approved if it is handled by a professional. Make sure you file the objection within six weeks! If you fail to do so, your rights to object will expire. So make sure you do this on time!

Appeal if the municipality's decision is not satisfactory

Is the result unsatisfactory? Did they reject your objection? Then you can always appeal. With the appeal, the municipality will reassess the value and see if they can lower it. You can check in the ruling of the objection to which court you should then file the appeal. Just make sure you file the appeal with the court within 6 weeks of the municipality's date. You can always submit a pro forma appeal if you think you need more time. You can thus ask for a postponement in this.


So, do you currently disagree with the amount of your WOZ value? You can file an objection with the municipality at this point. Get support from a professional to increase your chances of success. Not satisfied with the outcome? No problem! You can then always appeal to the court. This way they will look at it again, and you have a chance that your WOZ value will still be reduced.

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