Housing market Anne Fleur Kolthof 19 januari 2023

Why buy now?

Time to buy your home

You are bacon if you buy a house now. Viewings are slowly increasing again. This is due to fall inflation causing mortgage rates to fall. Seize your moment in the housing market now.

Home prices are no longer falling and people are already overbidding again. Waiting until later could mean just another €30,000 to €150,000 higher bid out of pocket. That's coming because energy prices are falling. That means inflation goes down further and you have to compete with other homebuyers.

Would you like to see what you can borrow? Make an appointment with one of our mortgage advisers from Freek Hypotheek.

We can think of a few other reasons why now is just the right timing for first-time buyers and first-timers to enter the market now and explore the possibilities.

  • Very fewer houses for sale right now, which makes for less competition.

  • The space to negotiate further with buyers or place an offer

  • The space to negotiate further with buyers or place an offer

  • The space to negotiate further with buyers.li>

    NGH's interest rate is fixed for the next 10 years (from 3.89%)

Suppose you borrow €405.000 loan, NHG allows you to repay the loan at €1,496 per month. As if that were not enough, first-time buyers up to 35 years of age get no transfer tax of 2% up to €440,000 purchase price. This also applies to first-time buyers up to 35 years who have not used this exemption before.

Fast step: buying your dream home

The process of buying a home is very exciting and not something you do every year. Hence, we often see the question marks appear. Chances are that during the journey, housing preferences change as more knowledge and information is gained.

It is important to be well informed in advance of all the steps that need to be gone through. We distinguish three stages when buying a property: proper preparation, viewings and the final purchase. Of course, vb&t Estate Agents is happy to help during each stage!

vb&t Makelaars & Freek Hypotheek

We make sure Freek takes care of your mortgage, at every stage of your life. Whether you are buying your first home, moving in together or perhaps getting divorced. Even if you want to modify your existing mortgage.

Freek will find the best solution for you. Of course, we also arrange all the insurances that go with it. Unlike the average mortgage advisor, Freek actively keeps in touch with you throughout the term of your mortgage. So that your mortgage changes along with your life, your income and your wishes.

View directly the sales offer of vb&t Makelaars in both Eindhoven, Helmond and Den Bosch.

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